wow. and wow.  2012.

magnolia as a hoot hoot.
why i love Jesus and am religious.
i tested out which baby carrier i liked best.
made my own thin mints.
(DIY) organic teething pads.
M takes on the zoo.
2nd year at nashville fashion week.
frist easter with our little bunny.
i turned 28 & celebrated in Cashiers, NC.
M took her first steps.
fashion blogger rejects.
words from laura black.
my baby turned one & had a party.
the pixie project started.
testing my green thumb on succulents (a DIY)
two sailors under two out on a date.
the big chop chop.
a list of blogger book favorites.
influence conference.
my twin got married.
lots of stitch fix.
my mini fashion blogger.


  1. What a year!! Many more exciting things in 2013 for you, girl!


  2. Love that chalk board so much!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Cute!! Have a happy wonderful new year!

  4. Awesome chalkboard! Happy New Year, Blair!!

  5. Happy Happy to you and your family!!

  6. I love your necklace! And I love mine just like it :) Maybe we can wear them with our Anthro dresses and be über-twinsies :)

  7. Happy 2013, Blair! I'm getting back into blogging and am simply delighted to see all the wonderful things happening in your life! Your little "mini fashion blogger" is such a cutie! Here's to a wonderful new year!


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