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Alvies Boots & Flops for Summer

My mom (who just retired, yay mom!! hi!!) has an amazing pair of black western boots that she has had for years.  They are perfectly soft and worn in, she's had them resoled and they are just perfect.  I've been on the hunt for my own pair of black boots.  The thing about a good pair of boots that fit just right -- they just kind of become part of you and your style and work with any look, not just country farm life.  And thats the thing about me.  I'm a little farm.  A little city.  And at 38 (today!) I'm 100% at a place that my style only has to be approved by me and what makes me feel good! In my search for my own pair of epic boots, I found Alvies on instagram.  I gave them a follow and just sort of sat back and watched for a bit.  Loved learning about who they are and what they are about.  Loved the selection of quality leather boots for men and women.  Their branding is amazing .  Pretty soon I just couldn't help myself and was so ready to get my hands on a

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