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Travel Review: The Gallatin Hotel

Big swanky hotels are fun. They are full of optional add-ons and good people watching. Paid for conveniences. Valet. Maybe even signature cocktails and gift shops.  The Gallatin is a different experience. It beats to it own beautiful drum and approaches vacation stays in a whole new way. It’s not a big chain system, there isn’t a concierge, no room service, or even an elevator. You’ll find cozy rooms with twin beds and even bunks. There are shared spaces for all guests, lots of color and all though its not your typical hotel, that doesn’t mean they are sacrificing comfort.  Being a converted church building from 1925 sets The Gallatin apart at first glance. With a deeper look you’ll find that what really sets it apart is the mission of providing for the underserved in the community giving the majority of profits to local causes. Partnering with Room in the Inn , ShowerUp , People Loving Nashville , and Nashville Rescue Mission , stays at The Gallatin have provided over 100,0

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