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goody bags reimagined

Though I don't do it often enough, I love giving gifts! For an early birthday celebration (I'm turning 35!) I had a small handful of my closest and dearest women over for a slumber party - and as I planned I started imagining and remembering the birthday parties of our youth, which specifically brought to mind the excitement of a good party favor. The best had stickers, some sort of fun colorful accessory (slap bracelets!), maybe some bubbles, and of course candy!

With the help of some friends from Lindsay Letters, Able, Eden's Garden, Oil + Honeycomb, and Sconza Chocolates, this is how I reimagined those bags to treat my guests:

video music is Josh Garrels, Benediction

Each of my guests received:

Lindsay Letters Sparkle print
Able Hammered Stacking Ring
Eden's Garden Essential Oil Blend
Oil + Honeycomb Diffuser Bracelet
Sconza Chocolates

And of course I wasn't going to use some cellophane or cheap character plastic bag (we'll leave those to the kiddos), but instead I used this easy diy dip dye tutorial from Small Fry to turn some cotton tote bags into something fun and reusable (I ordered this set from amazon) bags.

The party was planned to be a picnic out in my field with blankets, throw pillows, twinkling lights and tiki torches, however the weather had other plans and we got to stay cozy indoors together in my house (have I mentioned that we live in what will eventually be our garage as we wait to build our house?) as the rains came down.  Even so, it was the most perfect night and I was so thankful to take a moment to celebrate the goodness of friendship.

We ate and drank well, laughed, and enjoyed some intentional rest together.  We eventually succumbed to sleep and woke up late (8:30! wow, thats late for a momma of littles) and drank all the coffee and enjoyed our farm eggs and my husband's rustic sourdough.  By the time the last guest drove over our creek and headed home, I was already dreaming up the next opportunity to bring them all back again.

As busy moms with kiddos of different ages and varying jobs from staying at home, self employed, education, and corporate it took some work to find a time we could all get together.  It's also not lost on me that it took some magic and sacrifice for my friends to make it work to leave their families for the night and come celebrate with me.  Y'all.  It's worth it.  Take some time to gather your people close and give thanks for one another.  Shower them with hospitality the best you can and just revel in the goodness of it.

It doesn't have to be fancy or instagramable.  My next one will probably consist of pizza boxes and tubs of ice cream under the stars.  Take some time to dream up who you might invite and what you could do together (I highly suggest a slumber party, why leave that in childhood?).  And don't forget the goody bag!

Read more about the brands featured in the goody bags through these Wild + Precious posts (you might even find some discount codes):

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Essential Oils after an MLM / Eden's Garden

It's been a handful of years now since my first amazon order of a very inexpensive essential oil.  I was seeking alternative relief for cluster headaches.  It was perhaps the opposite of relief.  After that I spent a long time being a large sceptic of essential oils until eventually I decided to give it a real go after watching how they had transformed the every day health of my high school friend's family.  While I by far haven't given up traditional medicine in our household, I'm so thankful for what I learned about oils under her guidance -- I am more equipped and better minded on how to turn to oils to aid in my family's health and home needs. 

If you've been on this blog in the last couple years you know that my real journey in learning to love essential oils took place while participating in a multi level marketing company - and while I do believe those oils are of great quality and though I do fully support those who are able to participate in mlm oil companies - especially those who are so generously not just taking care of their families but also equipping and supporting others as well, I slowly grew out of that part of my oil journey and became interested in other retail companies.  My main reasons for the switch being affordability, time, and my understanding of the different farms used. 

After talking with several other oil users and doing online research I zeroed in on Eden's Garden Essential Oils for aromatherapy uses after checking out their about section through their website.  Reading through their E.D.E.N.S (Effective, Dedicated, Educated, Natural, Safe) pledge and reading about their process and history, I felt really comforted by their level of transparency as well as their full desire for educated consumers (I went through all of their FAQs - so informative).  Also, their pricing was a big indicator to me that they were an oil that was worth a try.  I will alway be turned off by a cheap oil from a big box store as well as some of the over pricing of mlm oils.  The prices of Eden's Garden cut out the middle man and you are still paying not a cheap price, but the price for something good that you can trust to aid and not harm.  

As I am still using up a large stock of oils in my cabinet, I am slowly adding different EG oils as well as some other beauty products (I love their perfume!) to my collection.  I love the purchase options you can put together on the website - create your own kit based on your needs or choose a set created by Eden's Garden (there is also a sweet bonus available of adding gift wrapping!). They also have a fun reward system, Aroma Notes, to earn rewards like discounts and free oils and promos.

To give a little glimpse into options and pricing vs. drug store and big mlm companies here are a few EG oils on my shopping and wish list:

Vetiver 10ml/ $13.95
Immunity 10ml/ $8.95  (compare to Thieves and On Guard)
Cedarwood 10ml/ $7.95
Tea Tree 10ml/ $8.95
Rose Bulgarian Absolute 5ml/ $53.95
Lemon 5ml/ $6.95
Stress Relief 10ml/ $8.95 (compare to Stress Away and Serenity)

Find Eden's Garden on instagram, youtube, and facebook.

all opinion are my own.  affiliate links used

lindsay letters

A great motto for summer! "At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling." - Shanti

I love the way my friend Lindsay (@lindsayletters) sees the world and expresses what she sees through her art and her words. We first met through our mutual affection for ABLE and briefly enjoyed a season of both living in Nashville.  She is one of those great hearts that are creative and compassionate and intentional and it shows through in her work.  

At (her last name isn't Letters, but I definitely have her in my phone as Lindsay Letters) you can find The Art Bar -- a brightly colored cozy place where you can perfectly customize art for your walls or for gifts.  The buyer gets to pick size, frame colors, even change the background colors of a print.  Choose from abstract art, familiar quotes and scripture, or sweet poems and mottos thought up by Lindsay herself.

The two pictures above were taken by Laura of Lark Photography who helps with the art direction at Lindsay Letters.  Me and the kiddos got to hang with them one afternoon several months ago to "model" for the LL holiday look book.  It was so fun and a highlight of the year.  My kids still talk about gorging themselves with good Nashville donuts while wearing pjs and love cozying up with their snuggle blankets that they got to take home (she also sells some gorgeously fun textiles)!

I love having a canvas from Lindsay on our walls.  It makes this season of living in what will (eventually) be our garage even sweeter and cozier and it was definitely a bonus when my recent girlfriend celebration picnic got rained out and we got and have it as a backdrop inside! 

You can find Lindsay on instagarm and facebook.  Make sure to follow along her stories too to get a glimpse of her spirit and some of her everyday life.  She is a joy to watch.  Also, keep up with the sister company to Lindsay Letters that she is launching June 13th - Farmhouse Canvas Co..


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