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Magnolia style + a GIVEAWAY

I've done a few giveaways in the past of my favorite things, I'm so excited this time to pull in my daughter Magnolia and share some of her favorites in a giveaway over on my instagram page!  Head over to @blairita to win her whole outfit + a $25 gift card to Target!  One winner will get a pair of little lottos from Lotta from Stockholm, a dress from Eyee Kids, a bow set from American Beauty and Co., and a snuggle baby blanket from Lindsay Letters!

Full details of how to enter on instagram.  Look for the last picture on this blog post in my feed or watch the story highlight saved to my profile!


Closet Staples with Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix items:
Amandine Distressed Skinny Jean by Vigoss, $68
Hidden Cut-OUt Heels by BC Footwear, $75
Orilla Grommet Detail Cropped Pullover by RD Style, $64
Cassington Distressed Boyfriend Denim Jacket by Free People, $128
Mandilyn Kent Maxi Dress by MIX BY 41 HAWTHORNE, $48

I've been using Stitch Fix for some time now.  I actually got my first fix in 2012 (see it here)! Pretty crazy.  I recently just unboxed my 50th Stitch Fix live on my insta stories and I can honestly say all 50th of them have been so much fun!  

|| Quick recap for those who might not know Stitch Fix yet... It's a personal stlying service that sends clothing, shoes, and accessories right to your door.  There is a $20 styling fee (though, use this link to have it waived!) and you fill out a survey about your sizes, style, and desires.  Based on your survey and any special requests, a stylist sends you 5 items.  Keep what you want and send back what you don't in a pre-paid mailing envelope.  Your original $20 styling fee will go towards whatever you choose to keep.  If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off!   You can sign up to have a fix sent to you on a regular basis, or you can just schedule fixes on your own as needed. ||

This post is of my 49th fix where my stylist, Alex, who I've had for a couple years now, helped me add some versatile and high quality staples to my wardrobe.  Spoiler alert, I had some referral credit saved up & kept all 5 items.  Whenever you request a fix, you have the option of sending a note to your stylist.  Here is what I wrote to Alex -

hi Alex! I’d love some quality closet staples & to be able to make full outfits from the this fix! Top, bottoms, outerwear, shoes - and then a long boho dress that could be worn with the same jacket! casual-chic. Black highwaist (higher the better, maybe distresed?) jeans, heels & a boyfriend denim jacket (loved the denim jacket in last fix but need size up and would like a bit more rugged?) A blousy button down or soft blush/neutral sweater under?

I gave her some ideas about what I was hoping for and then also included a link to a pinterest board I made just for this fix.  My favorite fixes have all been where my box contains a full outfit top to bottom!  With this fix Alex gave me a perfect day-date out fit.  I love the distressed denim with the sweater and oversized denim - dress down with some white converse or add some sass with the heels they sent me.  It was my stylist's idea to wear it with my favorite hat she always sees in my posts.  The dress she sent I loved, but figured it would be something I saved for warmer weather, but she suggested in her style notes that I throw the sweater over top, and BOOM! now I have two separate outfits in my fix to mix and match.

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, use this link to get your styling fee waived! That means you can try it with no risk at all -- 5 items delivered to your door to try on! Keep what you want and send back what you don't.  (Stitch Fix offers petite, plus size, maternity and men's wear too!) Hey, you might luck out and have 5 new things you absolutely love like I did this time!

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Meet Maguba

shoes: Maguba Shoes
jeans: Able
button down + sweatshirt: Everlane

I was first introduced to Maguba a couple years back when I fell in love with a pair of clog boots that I found via Lotta from Stockholm.  You can see me wearing them here and here.  These boots quickly  became favorites - so comfortable and easily dressed up and down.  I was so excited to find that Maguba makes not only a wide variety of clogs, but also some amazing shoes (check out these leather fashion sneakers!)!

When I first showed David these oxford style shoes with the alternative sole he admits to being a bit surprised (confused?) as they are different than anything I've worn, but as soon as they arrived he realized why I just had to get my hands on them.  Comfort of sneakers and the soft leather I was already used to from my Maguba clogs.  The bordeaux color is so fun and a subtle change of pace from tans and blacks.  I think I'm officially a Maguba fan girl.  I've got my eye on these beauties next - love the toe box detail!

Shop for yourself at
Find them on instagram + Facebook


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