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Last week was A+ amazing!  The beach is fun, but I really do think I'm a mountain girl.  We had the perfect time relaxing and enjoying the quietness in Cashiers/Highlands, NC.  We took lots of nap and spent a lot of time on the porch (which was the perfect place for #shereadstruth).  This vacation was the rest we were needing.  Thank you Lord!  

M had her first happy meal on our travel down.  Chick-fil-a really is awesome: nuggets + applesauce + board book for babies + plus a diet dr. pepper for momma = such a treat.  It was fun to watch her feel all sassy for eating a big kid meal.  And man that chicken really gave her a good protein boost or something because as soon as we got to our cabin (which is named "Time Out") the girl up and walked for the first time -- like legit walked!

Food (you have to talk about food when you recap vacation) -- LOTS of great food was eaten.  Shrimp n' grits, open faced goat cheese sandwhich, beef, bacon, & pepper kabobs, homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing and pecans, and some yummy adult drinks too.  Man - we ate well!

In addition to great food we had great company too - David's brother & his wife joined in for our last copule days.  It was so great to get spend time together just the five of us.

Oh yea - I went to NC a 27-year-old and left a 28-year-old!  So... that's pretty cool. :)


  1. oh, happy birthday for you!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, you sneaky little thing!

  3. Looks like a perfect trip!

  4. Love seeing all your cute stuff on instagram! Is there an easy way to put your instagram pics on the blog or do you just get them off your phone?

  5. Happy Birthday love, you're family is just too cute! Love the yummy food photos.

  6. Oh happy birthday ( I love how you snuck in the thing about the birthday). The food sounds amazing, and I'm so jealous you got to hang out with James and Laura!

  7. your handwriting and doodling is gorgeous! yay for chick-fil-a and birthdays too! :)

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation! Happy belated birthday, Blair!

  9. Hmmm, is that Emily Geyer I see in one of those first pics? We went to high school together, back when she was Emily Bourke (aka, head cheerleader). Totally need to start following you on instagram now, btdubs.


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