Several months ago I started going all pinterest planning crazy thinking M's first party had to be crazy/spectacular crafty pin worthy.  Wooohoo am I glad that boat came and passed because unless I had stumbled upon about 9 extra hands there was just no way I could have pulled anything like that off.  Plus, I started asking myself, "Why?"  Why would I be doing it? A blog post? Magnolia certainly didn't care.  And I tell you what, spending 20bucks at Target was just a breath of easy air and I don't think we were any sort of worse for the wear.   

We had a great little party Saturday afternoon with our friends and a few other kiddos under 3 feet.  I had soooooo much fun watching Magnolia.  She seems to love every bit of it -- my little social butterfly who now walks completely from here to there and everywhere.  She loved he friends, she loved her cake, and she loved her new toys! (more pictures to come at some point)

maxi dress: gap (present from my sissy)  //  belt c/o Pauline Carcach  //  earrings c/o Cora Lane

I wanted to be festive yet really comfortable at M's party so my go to was my poppy color maxi dress (i believe this post makes numbero III of the "adventures of teal & poppy").  This dress is light weight and easy to move around in plus machine washable which is a good thing considering that Magnolia thought it would be fun to include me/my face/my dress in the "first bday cake food fight."

The color of this dress is a great statement in itself, but I decided to add a skinny leopard belt to add a bit of shape and some drop earrings for just a little more color pop (both under $20).  The top stone of these earrings is basically identical to the color of the dress and the bottom blue color was the perfect compliment.  I was feeling very brave wearing my hear down and dangling earrings -- such taunting objects to grab by 1-year-olds!  But we more than survived the day.

earrings by Cora Lane
Shop  //  Facebook   //  twitter

belt by Pauline Carcach
etsy // collection //  Facebook //  twitter

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  1. happpppppppppy 1st to magnolia!! time flies huh!?!? love all the details and your dress is so pretty!

  2. Such a cute party! Happy birthday to Magnolia!

  3. Happy 1st Bday, Magnolia!!!!

    And I love that dress! I tried it on at Gap and fell in love. It looks amazing on you!

  4. happy belated birthday to M! she has grown so much since i started following you..she was maybe three months then. the party looks super cute, and i love your dress!!

  5. Love your cute and comfty outfit. Looks like baby girl had a blast. Her party sure is Pin worthy!

  6. Aw, can't believe she's a year old already!! So precious. :) Happy birthday, Magnolia! <3

  7. Love the party! First birthdays are the best. Also adore that outfit...looks perfect for a party. I just love that photo with M in the foreground and you in the background. Precious!


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