Sometimes I plan for an outfit post and take pictures... and sometimes, for whatever reason (mostly because I run out of time or just forget I took them), they don't end up as posts -- they get "rejected."  These are just a few pics from the cutting room floor.  I think the first outfit was from a lunch meeting and the bottom two were from track meets watching kids from my youth group.  The plan from the last one was to show that sometimes I really just wear a t, sports shorts, hat, and sneakers (and may or may not have showered...).

It's been a long week over here and its only Wednesday.  M and D were both sick and then for the past 2 days M has just been screaming and screaming and not sleeping.  She had a fever for a couple days, but even when it broke she kept crying.  She is so off schedule and just fussy -- which she has truly never been a fussy baby.  Yesterday we all took turns crying -- all three of us -- it was just one of those days!  Stomach bug?  New teeth?  Advice?  Send them my way.  I'm soliciting...

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  1. i oftentimes take outfit pics that don't make the cut either. maybe i should do a blog post on all of them too hehe!!

    so sorry to hear about M... A is going through something right now too, he is more fussy than normal and has learned to scream... i'm not sure if it's teething or what? but i kind of hope it is so we know that is the reason for screaming! :/ hang in there mama!

  2. Pray, that's all I got, haha! So sorry this week has been so hard. But at least you look fabulous, even not showering!
    I have so many rejects. For me, it's just part of trying to be a better photographer.

  3. Haha! I love the idea of posting rejects. I have so many!

  4. I love that you posted these, and I still think you look adorable in each! I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!!! :)

  5. look at YOU, you big famous blogger! What are you doing visiting me at my silly little space? I'm honoured!

    to answer your question- im on the east coast of Australia

    xo em

  6. I'm thinking it's teething, try some baby gum gel which will numb the gums and tylenal for babies so help with the pain. I know that some babies get fevers and upset tummys while teething. Also try a frozen teething ring or frozen pacifier. Hope everyone feels better soon. Love that tan hat on you!

  7. sorry i have no advice for you... but i do think you're adorable in a fedora. even if your reject pictures.

  8. First thought - you look adorable in hats!

    Second thought - it's so hard to know with kids, because every time I think I get it figured out (teething, eating, potty training, all of it), they throw me for a loop with something new. Prayer, and instincts - the only things that get me through it all.:)


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