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Why I think twenty-eight is the best age.

A little over a week ago, while on my mountain vaycay, I turned 2-8.  As this particular birthday drew closer on the calendar I began to remember a school journal entry I wrote in 6th grade.  I answered the question, "What do you think is the best age?"  Incase it is hard to read my sloppy cursive (which i then thought was near perfect calligraphy - ha! look at that crazy B!) in the picture, here is what it says (grammar mistakes not sparing):

"I think twenty-eight is the best day and age for me because it is filled with possibilities!  When I'm twenty-eight I'll be out of collage and probably I'll be out of school for my profession. (an ecologist may-be) I'll also hopeflly be happily married.  I can't wait till I'm twenty-eight.  I hope twenty-eight will be as fun as I hope it will be.  If it is, I can't wait."

Well, well well... where to start?  I'm not an ecologist.  If I would allow you to see more of this journal you would discover that 6th grade (really 2nd - 7th grade) Blair was obsessed with endangered animals, solar power, recycling, deforestation, etc.  I even got a phone call from President Bill Clinton's secretary about my ideas for bettering the environment... but thats a whoooolle different story.  What I didn't quite know then is that math and science are required to be an ecologist or zoologist or veterinarian and well, I'm not exactly best friends with either of those subjects.

Happily married?  Great foresight 6th grade me, you nailed that one on the head.  David, my love, you are more than 12-year-old me could have imagined.  Wonder what I would have thought If I could have known that I would meet you only 7 years after writing that journal entry?  My favorite years started when I met you.

28 is filled with possibilities?  Heck yes it is!


  1. Love it! 28 was a great year for me! I met and married my husband! ;) Love looking back at journal entries. So fun!

  2. hhehe what a cute letter to yourself!! :) 28 is a great age!!

  3. So cute! I love that you did this. I agree- being 28 is awesome!

  4. too funny. 28 is such a random age - i love that you picked it!

  5. that is too darn cute!

    I'm totally laughing at the math and science that was needed. I wanted to be a vet, then saw all it required and thought...thanks any way.

    I don't do math..of any kind.

    Glad you're mostly on track w/your 12 year old self. ;)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  6. I LOVE this!!! How wonderful to find something you wrote when you were in 6th grade and be able to reflect on that now that you are the age you wrote about! Such a wonderful blog post, full of positivity and hope, which is the best! Happy, Happy belated Birthday, Blair!!! :)

  7. i really love this! its so funny and precious. :) old journals are so much fun to look back to.

  8. This is so cool!!! Yay for a year of possibilities!!!

  9. That is awesome! Happy belated birthday Blair!! I will be joining the 2-8 club in just a couple months!

  10. Bill Clinton's secretary called you!!! Bahahaha! I am assuming this was in response to a letter you wrote him. Hilarious and precious!!


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