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Hoot Hoot Hoot

Okey dokey -- the second round of awesome pics of my precious little muffin head by ... i'll say it again ... the ever to awesome Kelsey Freeman Creative!  

Find Kelsey here:
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I squealed when I first saw this lavender hand crocheted owl hat... like you don't even know!  Thank you thank you thank YOU to the sweet Brittany of Brittany's Buttons for providing it for M's photoshoot.  It was perfect for the picture + she wears it all the time and lets just say this mama never tires of hearing people compliment her "super cute owl baby."  

Find Brittany's Buttons here:

Along with super cute owl hats and diaper covers, Brittany can make just about anything for baby, kids, and adults.  She's got some stylish stuff so go check her out! You'll love it all!


  1. That is just the most adorable hat!!! I love the picture with Magnolia in the nesting... so cute!!!! I'm off to check out Brittany's shop! :)

  2. Too cute!! Her eyes sparkle with that hat on. I love the family pic, so precious! Xo, Katie

  3. That hat is adorable, and all of the pictures are beautiful! I love the colors in the hat, different than the usual. Looks like you guys had a wonderful session!

  4. Hehehehe. Love it, Blair! And the last photo, I can't tell who she looks more or David. Too, too awesome.

  5. Ah, Magnolia is darling in that little hat. Brittany is so talented and your family is so beautiful.

  6. Those pictures are so cute!! She's adorable in that hat. Love her in the nest!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  7. Hoot hoot, she's cute! Put that Vandy shirt on her, too and there you have a mini Chi O in the making!

  8. omg I squee-ed when I saw that hat...can't get any cuter than that!

  9. Kelsey did such a great job, but with a subject as cute as Magnolia I'm sure it couldn't have been too difficult! Thanks for putting me onto Brittany's Buttons, love it!

  10. Now I think I am officially in cute is she in the owl hat! LOVE these!!!

    Liesl :)


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