Ritz Mintz

The cookies on the left are girl scout cookies... the cookies on the right are ritz crackers covered in melted andes mints.  The ones on the left are available for just a month or 2 of the year.  The cookies on the right can be at your finger tips 365day/year!  I am calling them:  Ritz Mintz!

What you'll need... A sleeve and 1/2 of ritz crackers & one bag of andes mints.  Yup! -- that's all! (unless you want to "dilute" the mint flavor & if so, you can add some chocolate chips. OR -- i think it would be good with a little more salt on the cracker if you are okay with changing the original thin mint staple yumminess that you are used to).  

I don't own a double broiler.  I put a sauce pan on top of a simmering pot of water.  Does the trick! Melts without cooking/burning the chocolate.  (this is how I make fudge too!)

All you got to do is drop in the ritz and roll them around for a good coat -- then put on wax paper covered cookie sheet and pop in the freezer for 10 minutes.  

It is that easy! (thanks to Maggie M. who turned me on to the idea!)  Now I will say, fair warning: if you have a distinguished "thin mint pallet," like I pride myself on... they are not 100% exactly the same.  But I would say they are about 96% identically yummy!  I actually really like the difference that the little bit of salt from ritz makes.  The hubs was surprised by how much he liked them.  And just like real genuine bonified thin mints, I am keeping them in the freezer.  

Here's what else I like about Ritz Mintz:

Cost of one box of Girl Scout Thin Mints (28 per box): $3.50
Cost of one batch Ritz Mintz (56ish per batch): $2.90

AND -- I got my husband, who has been quoted saying, "numbers are my friends," to do the math and Ritz Mintz are the healthier choice!

4 Ritz Mintz Cookies    (compare to thin mints)
148 calories                       (160 calories)
91 milligrams sodium        (120 mg)
17 grams carbohydrates    (22 g)
1.5 grams protein              (1 g)
9 grams fat                        (8 g)

Yum yum Yummy.  What are you waiting for!  Go make you some!  Let me know if you come up with any different variations!  You could probably make these even less expensive by using chocolate chips and peppermint oil...  Mmmm what other girl scout cookies can we make at home for less $$ and a little tiny bit healthier? 

p.s. sorry girl scouts, no offense.


  1. Love this sweet and simple recipe!!! Who knew Ritz crackers dipped in melted Andes mints would be yummy!!

  2. I really like Andes candies! These look so good!

  3. Oh, these look heavenly! I love Andes and Ritz- what could be better?

  4. I love Andes mints. They're my favorite!! This looks far too easy. I'm pretty sure I'll be making these at some point in my future!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. SO glad you made them! they are SO good :) ... i also melt my andes in the microwave if you want to save some time and dishes...just 1.5 minutes, stir...repeat til melted!

  6. Seriously genius! Going to make these!!! Thanks girl!

  7. Genius!! I'm absolutely going to try this!

  8. I'm so trying this...

    Charlotte xx

    (Psst.. have you entered my giveaway? http://bit.ly/yHvbPd)

  9. omg i need to try this! i LOVE thin mints!!

  10. Oh my goodness, this looks DIVINE...what a great idea! I just had some thin mints today, but this looks like a lovely homemade twist on it! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Oh my goodness. These look delicious. Although, I just remembered that you're my Nashville neighbor! So hi, neighbor :)

  12. Oh goodness, I made these last night, Blair, and they turned out SO good! The only thing that was difficult for me was finding a BAG of Andes mints! I'm only able to find boxes of them. The box I bought (the standard size), was only enough mints to make about 15 cookies. These were so easy, though, and I will be making more this week (after I successfully find a BAG!! Haha!)

  13. I LOVE this idea! When I first saw it, I thought "uhm... That doesn't look too good" But then I realized how amazing they sound! Me and my sister will HAVE to make some now:D


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