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Just plain chillin!

So, I've spent this week at home (for the most part) since I still do not have a full time job. It has been quite restful and I've enjoyed being home with David as he paints. I spent one day painting this Santa from Hobby Lobby-- I know its nothing too miraculous, but it passed the time. Oscar and I have also caught up on our sleep and run lots of errands together!

new JS update..

JS equalling "job search"...
I got a call for a second interview with Prevent Blindness for Monday Dec. 3 @ 10:00. Keep the prayers coming. God is so faithful. I got the call right after David talked me into getting out of bed where I had been sulking about not having a job.

We've been Elfed!

Thanks Rozells for reminding me of this holiday favorite!

Click HERE to see us in action!

we MISS Zack!

Our great friend Zack Lindsey is spending some time in Uganda. It has been such a sweet time for him to see God and learn so much more about His abundant grace and His will for our lives & we are sooo pumped for Zack and just know he is being used over there in so many awesome ways... but... we miss him!!

Zack!, our favorite Alabama fan. We've been in Birmingham for a week and every night we are thinking that we should be headed over to your place for some late night coffee, homemade brews, french bulldog love, and just awesome fun times. I had posted some things about the Iron Bowl... but took them off to keep you from finding anything out! We love you and can't wait to see you soon! You are halfway through! Praying for you and love you!

Its Thanksgiving. Its Thanksgiving. Its Thanksgiving everywhere.

A handful of random pictures representing this past Thanksgiving week.

J.P. and I at Vulcan.

Vulcan's best side.

Inside the museum.

Oscar playing MAL with the Phil McLeods.

THE McLeods in Auburn.

The most sweetest, cutest, artistic man I know!!!

Sweet aGb. She is a pro.

Please watch this....oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday and NO WORK.

I had a great phone interview with Prevent Blindness Monday morning (really, it went great.. so we shall see..) Than David and I headed down to Birmingham. On the way down, Catholic Charities called and it looks like God does not have me serving there. Its all cool, I'm just waiting to find out where He does have me. Either way... I had NO WORK on Monday.. or any other day this week! What a feeling... We are in Birmingham for the week- including Turkey Day & THE Auburn/Alabama game! War Eagle.

Hanging out with James & Preston at J. Clyde downtown Monday Night:

David at the Frist!

David has one of his portraits up at the Frist here in Nashville. We attended an opening reception on the 16th. The place was packed. His painting is in the "Future/Now" exhibit. I kept getting in trouble for taking pictures, but I snuck a few.
A picture of "Sarah" over the crowd.

David's little name plate.

Free Rice! (and it makes you smarter!)

disclaimer: I Totally stole this from Christie's Blog..but, I think it is AWESOME and wanted to help spread the word!

Click HERE to enter the site.

Its a vocab quiz & you can play as long as you want!! For every word you get correct, they donate (the equivalent of) ten grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. They pretty much just route the advertising money straight to the WFP.

on another note... I bought REAL egg nog last night!

job search update

Still waiting to hear from Catholic Charities... In the mean time I have a phone interview with Prevent Blindness on Monday morning for a Program/Volunteer Coordinator position. Tomorrow is my last day here at United Way! Thanks for your prayers. I can feel them!

To all you seasonal EGG NOG lovers...

As I was driving home from a late night of work a couple days ago I thought to myself, "Self, I bet the stores are selling Egg Nog now. You love egg nog. You should stop on the way home and buy some!"... and so I did. I took myself to Harris Teeter and marched straight to the dairy aisle. Now, tucked in between the Southern Comfort and the Mayfield Egg Nogs was Silk Nog. I was quite excited. Could it be? My favorite holiday beverage with only 90 calories and like 3 times the nutritional value?! I couldn't have been more thrilled. On the car ride home I was already thinking about how I would have to spread the word about this new find because surely it would taste just like egg nog, have the same consistency that egg nog drinkers love, and you wouldn't have to, as David said this morning, spike it just so you would forget how many calories you were consuming. Sadly however.. here is my warning to all you seasonal Egg Nog lovers. Silk Nog is NOT a replacement for Egg Nog. First of all. Look at the name. Its not even called egg nog... it just goes by NOG. I mean it doesn't taste bad. The blog, Impulsive Buy, got it right when he said,

"I would make egg nog available throughout the year, because sometimes I crave it in July when the temperature rises and my body yearns for something cool, refreshing, and made out of something that comes out of a chicken’s butt...Of course, the problem with having egg nog year round is the fact that real egg nog is as fattening as Rosie O’Donnell would be to an anaconda, which makes drinking egg nog year round good for Nicole Richie, but not good for everyone else. I thought I would enjoy the Silk Soy Nog, much like I enjoy putting Canadian and Japanese coins into Salvation Army buckets, but at first, I didn’t like its taste, which kind of reminded me of the Silk Very Vanilla Soy Milk, except with a little spice and a little less nutty flavor...So I guess it has an acquired taste, much like beer and emo rock. The consistency of the Silk Soy Nog wasn’t thick like regular egg nog or light egg nog, but it was thicker than regular Silk Soy Milk. It also wasn’t as yellowish like regular egg nog. Instead it had a less festive grayish/yellowish color."
All in all, I say stick with the good stuff and may your days be merry and bright!

Dumpster Diving

I had a great interview with Catholic Charities this morning. Thank you for the prayers. I would love to get this position, but if not.. keep praying for direction and open doors for me. This is all turning out to be quite the journey, but a great one indeed.

We love "dumpster diving." (I learned it from my parents.) So,...while my landlord was cutting a gaping hole in our floor...I was out walking Oscar and stumbled upon this: I mean this thing is solid cedar! Why would you throw it away when all it needs is a little love?!! So, needless to say, David & I are quite excited about this little project. We will let you know how it turns out! oh, and just in case you are keeping score... we got some bookshelves from the same dumpster about a month ago when my parents were in town. Handy tip...if checked regularly, apartment dumpsters can provide some awesome stuff!

Keep the Prayers coming my way!

Just a quick note of celebration... I got my first call for an interview! I am interviewing for the Volunteer/Resource Coordinator at Catholic Charities on Monday at 8:30 central time! Thanks for all the job-search prayers. Please keep them coming my way for a great interview on Monday and keep praying that I would get more interviews! I also have resumes awaiting reply for similar positions with Prevent Blindness, Cheekwood, and then several other seemingly random but interesting positions elsewhere. Thanks y'all! God is constant and good!

Fraggle Rock! (a whole episode!)

This is for Sissy!

Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water part 1

Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water part 2

Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water part 3


David and I started watching Heroes this fall. We had not seen any of the first season and started with the second. Well.. not much was making sense so we have been slowly (if you call 6 episodes a week slowly) been catching up on the first season. So.. during this time we have been trying to Chanel our super powers.

Yesterday we went out to Noel's aunt's & uncle's farm for a great Sunday afternoon. The ride there is about an hour and during this ride was when I tried to Chanel my first power...bending space & time. We were about 20 minutes from the farm and had forgotten the camera battery! Both David and I squinted really hard and shook a bit.. but we didn't even change the clock back a second. I guess we needed Hiro there. So needless to say, there are no pictures from our awesome Sunday afternoon.

You should all know that David & I are extremely gifted horseback riders. Seriously. Well, maybe not, but we did look darn good pretending to be. Oscar came with us to the farm and loved it! and..he loved eating cow poop...NASTY. David and I also helped feed the cows. They wouldn't come so we had to drive around the field in the back of a truck and round them up while shaking an empty feed bag and yelling "come on mammas come on babies, here cow here cow, come on mammas." They soon were chasing us behind the truck. No super powers were needed here. We were awesome on our own.

After feeding the mammas and the babies it was time to do some shooting. This is when I successfully channeled a super power. I shot at 4 skeet with a 410 shot gun. I missed the first three, so before the fourth I channeled the alter ego "Jessica," aimed and BlewUP that little flying saucer! I also took a shot with a .40 caliber pistol (I did not hit the target). David was like a mad man with the pistol..I think he channeled "Jessica" too. Crazy crazy crazy times.

That was pretty much our Sunday afternoon. Oh.. and we did watch 4 episodes of season 1 last night... or was it five??!...

Welcome to November

So.. I got a haircut. Bangs! (yes perhaps you may think I'm nuts.. but, I got bangs..) Just did it yesterday and so far thy are fun.

Also, really cool this week.. our church raised the spire and cross atop the new sanctuary! David & I went Thursday morning to try to watch. David got to hold the gold plated cross before the raised it up up up into the sky. Very cool.. I mean when else will he ever say he touched a cross above a church spire!
On another note... David got an awesome new lens for his digital EOS. Its a EF 50mm 1:1.8 (for those of you that that actually means something to). But it is pretty sweet to play with. The depth of field is awesome and its great in low light.

We are just chillin this weekend. We spent some time with the middle school girls and boys this afternoon. David slayed some seventh and eighth grade boys with a paint ball gun while I made the girls jealous with my pottery painting expertise. Tomorrow we are going to a farm south of Nashville to do chores and ride horses! We are quite excited. (thanks noel.)

Oh.. and we've been married 8 months today!! woooo hooo!



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