Dumpster Diving

I had a great interview with Catholic Charities this morning. Thank you for the prayers. I would love to get this position, but if not.. keep praying for direction and open doors for me. This is all turning out to be quite the journey, but a great one indeed.

We love "dumpster diving." (I learned it from my parents.) So,...while my landlord was cutting a gaping hole in our floor...I was out walking Oscar and stumbled upon this: I mean this thing is solid cedar! Why would you throw it away when all it needs is a little love?!! So, needless to say, David & I are quite excited about this little project. We will let you know how it turns out! oh, and just in case you are keeping score... we got some bookshelves from the same dumpster about a month ago when my parents were in town. Handy tip...if checked regularly, apartment dumpsters can provide some awesome stuff!


  1. wow Blair, that is awesome! I found a guiter in a guitar case one time dumpster diving in Idaho. It is now Revs guitar that he plays daily!

  2. Living in suburbia, you don't get to do much dumpster diving...no, it's more like sneaking up to the neighbors garbage can at the roadside and hoping no one will accuse you of 'stealing' their garbage. :) Weirdos. It's happen to me. I got a life-size stuffed Snoopy one time and the neighbor said they didn't mean to throw it out. Yeah...right.

  3. That's an awesome find! My wife and I dumpster dive about 2 nights a week in Nashville...we go a bit further though. :) We can afford to buy food, but we get up to half our food from corporate grocery store waste (not restaurants, where people have been eating on it, heheh). Check out our blog for more on that, there's even an FAQ on dumpster diving.

    But we need more people like you guys who will use the old rather than going out and buying the new (whatever the retail store TELLS us will look nice in our home). It's so much fun to show a little creativity and love to an old piece of furniture, and will give you much more of an appreciation for it for years to come. Where are the finished pictures?? :)


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