Welcome to November

So.. I got a haircut. Bangs! (yes perhaps you may think I'm nuts.. but, I got bangs..) Just did it yesterday and so far thy are fun.

Also, really cool this week.. our church raised the spire and cross atop the new sanctuary! David & I went Thursday morning to try to watch. David got to hold the gold plated cross before the raised it up up up into the sky. Very cool.. I mean when else will he ever say he touched a cross above a church spire!
On another note... David got an awesome new lens for his digital EOS. Its a EF 50mm 1:1.8 (for those of you that that actually means something to). But it is pretty sweet to play with. The depth of field is awesome and its great in low light.

We are just chillin this weekend. We spent some time with the middle school girls and boys this afternoon. David slayed some seventh and eighth grade boys with a paint ball gun while I made the girls jealous with my pottery painting expertise. Tomorrow we are going to a farm south of Nashville to do chores and ride horses! We are quite excited. (thanks noel.)

Oh.. and we've been married 8 months today!! woooo hooo!



  1. I LOVE the bangs (and the pictures!) Seriously. And I cannot believe it's been 8 months already - congrats!
    I will most certainly be praying for blood:water mission to have an opening that you would be a perfect fit for and I would appreciate if you could pray for me to make some real friends here. This weekend I threw myself my first real pity party since I moved. :-)
    I love you! And I would love it if we could chat sometime this week!

  2. Hey guys. It was good to see you this weekend. We will have to get together over Thanksgiving and go camping somewhere. Hope y'all have a good week.

  3. I like the bangs a lot. You look beautiful. It's very Lois Lane from the original movies...and that's a good thing in my book. Happy 8 months!


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