David and I started watching Heroes this fall. We had not seen any of the first season and started with the second. Well.. not much was making sense so we have been slowly (if you call 6 episodes a week slowly) been catching up on the first season. So.. during this time we have been trying to Chanel our super powers.

Yesterday we went out to Noel's aunt's & uncle's farm for a great Sunday afternoon. The ride there is about an hour and during this ride was when I tried to Chanel my first power...bending space & time. We were about 20 minutes from the farm and had forgotten the camera battery! Both David and I squinted really hard and shook a bit.. but we didn't even change the clock back a second. I guess we needed Hiro there. So needless to say, there are no pictures from our awesome Sunday afternoon.

You should all know that David & I are extremely gifted horseback riders. Seriously. Well, maybe not, but we did look darn good pretending to be. Oscar came with us to the farm and loved it! and..he loved eating cow poop...NASTY. David and I also helped feed the cows. They wouldn't come so we had to drive around the field in the back of a truck and round them up while shaking an empty feed bag and yelling "come on mammas come on babies, here cow here cow, come on mammas." They soon were chasing us behind the truck. No super powers were needed here. We were awesome on our own.

After feeding the mammas and the babies it was time to do some shooting. This is when I successfully channeled a super power. I shot at 4 skeet with a 410 shot gun. I missed the first three, so before the fourth I channeled the alter ego "Jessica," aimed and BlewUP that little flying saucer! I also took a shot with a .40 caliber pistol (I did not hit the target). David was like a mad man with the pistol..I think he channeled "Jessica" too. Crazy crazy crazy times.

That was pretty much our Sunday afternoon. Oh.. and we did watch 4 episodes of season 1 last night... or was it five??!...


  1. I started watching Heroes this season too! Season one is the next thing on my Netflix queue, so it looks like I need to send some DVDs back!

    This whole writer-strike thing is going to put a hamper on this season though.


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