To all you seasonal EGG NOG lovers...

As I was driving home from a late night of work a couple days ago I thought to myself, "Self, I bet the stores are selling Egg Nog now. You love egg nog. You should stop on the way home and buy some!"... and so I did. I took myself to Harris Teeter and marched straight to the dairy aisle. Now, tucked in between the Southern Comfort and the Mayfield Egg Nogs was Silk Nog. I was quite excited. Could it be? My favorite holiday beverage with only 90 calories and like 3 times the nutritional value?! I couldn't have been more thrilled. On the car ride home I was already thinking about how I would have to spread the word about this new find because surely it would taste just like egg nog, have the same consistency that egg nog drinkers love, and you wouldn't have to, as David said this morning, spike it just so you would forget how many calories you were consuming. Sadly however.. here is my warning to all you seasonal Egg Nog lovers. Silk Nog is NOT a replacement for Egg Nog. First of all. Look at the name. Its not even called egg nog... it just goes by NOG. I mean it doesn't taste bad. The blog, Impulsive Buy, got it right when he said,
"I would make egg nog available throughout the year, because sometimes I crave it in July when the temperature rises and my body yearns for something cool, refreshing, and made out of something that comes out of a chicken’s butt...Of course, the problem with having egg nog year round is the fact that real egg nog is as fattening as Rosie O’Donnell would be to an anaconda, which makes drinking egg nog year round good for Nicole Richie, but not good for everyone else. I thought I would enjoy the Silk Soy Nog, much like I enjoy putting Canadian and Japanese coins into Salvation Army buckets, but at first, I didn’t like its taste, which kind of reminded me of the Silk Very Vanilla Soy Milk, except with a little spice and a little less nutty flavor...So I guess it has an acquired taste, much like beer and emo rock. The consistency of the Silk Soy Nog wasn’t thick like regular egg nog or light egg nog, but it was thicker than regular Silk Soy Milk. It also wasn’t as yellowish like regular egg nog. Instead it had a less festive grayish/yellowish color."
All in all, I say stick with the good stuff and may your days be merry and bright!


  1. looked a little suspicious. Thanks for trying it so I don't have to (although, let's face it, I probably will anyway).


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