goody bags reimagined

Though I don't do it often enough, I love giving gifts! For an early birthday celebration (I'm turning 35!) I had a small handful of my closest and dearest women over for a slumber party - and as I planned I started imagining and remembering the birthday parties of our youth, which specifically brought to mind the excitement of a good party favor. The best had stickers, some sort of fun colorful accessory (slap bracelets!), maybe some bubbles, and of course candy!

With the help of some friends from Lindsay Letters, Able, Eden's Garden, Oil + Honeycomb, and Sconza Chocolates, this is how I reimagined those bags to treat my guests:

video music is Josh Garrels, Benediction

Each of my guests received:

Lindsay Letters Sparkle print
Able Hammered Stacking Ring
Eden's Garden Essential Oil Blend
Oil + Honeycomb Diffuser Bracelet
Sconza Chocolates

And of course I wasn't going to use some cellophane or cheap character plastic bag (we'll leave those to the kiddos), but instead I used this easy diy dip dye tutorial from Small Fry to turn some cotton tote bags into something fun and reusable (I ordered this set from amazon) bags.

The party was planned to be a picnic out in my field with blankets, throw pillows, twinkling lights and tiki torches, however the weather had other plans and we got to stay cozy indoors together in my house (have I mentioned that we live in what will eventually be our garage as we wait to build our house?) as the rains came down.  Even so, it was the most perfect night and I was so thankful to take a moment to celebrate the goodness of friendship.

We ate and drank well, laughed, and enjoyed some intentional rest together.  We eventually succumbed to sleep and woke up late (8:30! wow, thats late for a momma of littles) and drank all the coffee and enjoyed our farm eggs and my husband's rustic sourdough.  By the time the last guest drove over our creek and headed home, I was already dreaming up the next opportunity to bring them all back again.

As busy moms with kiddos of different ages and varying jobs from staying at home, self employed, education, and corporate it took some work to find a time we could all get together.  It's also not lost on me that it took some magic and sacrifice for my friends to make it work to leave their families for the night and come celebrate with me.  Y'all.  It's worth it.  Take some time to gather your people close and give thanks for one another.  Shower them with hospitality the best you can and just revel in the goodness of it.

It doesn't have to be fancy or instagramable.  My next one will probably consist of pizza boxes and tubs of ice cream under the stars.  Take some time to dream up who you might invite and what you could do together (I highly suggest a slumber party, why leave that in childhood?).  And don't forget the goody bag!

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