I usually leave the art to David, but sometimes the inspiration hits and you just have to go for it.  We have been loving snacking on these new Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds from Sconza Chocolates.  White chocolate with lemon cream over roasted almonds... I literally have to hide them from myself so I don't them all in one sitting. 

Sconza is a family owned company celebrating 80 years!  What a rare sweet thing these days.  This new Lemoncello celebrates their Italian roots and if you like good family stories you should definitely check out theirs

You can find Sconza Chocolates at Costco and can of course order online - they have confections of all kinds.  Great for baby or wedding showers, Easter baskets, after school treats... or even for inspiring some art!

Use code blairita10 for 10% off your online orders!