lindsay letters

A great motto for summer! "At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling." - Shanti

I love the way my friend Lindsay (@lindsayletters) sees the world and expresses what she sees through her art and her words. We first met through our mutual affection for ABLE and briefly enjoyed a season of both living in Nashville.  She is one of those great hearts that are creative and compassionate and intentional and it shows through in her work.  

At (her last name isn't Letters, but I definitely have her in my phone as Lindsay Letters) you can find The Art Bar -- a brightly colored cozy place where you can perfectly customize art for your walls or for gifts.  The buyer gets to pick size, frame colors, even change the background colors of a print.  Choose from abstract art, familiar quotes and scripture, or sweet poems and mottos thought up by Lindsay herself.

The two pictures above were taken by Laura of Lark Photography who helps with the art direction at Lindsay Letters.  Me and the kiddos got to hang with them one afternoon several months ago to "model" for the LL holiday look book.  It was so fun and a highlight of the year.  My kids still talk about gorging themselves with good Nashville donuts while wearing pjs and love cozying up with their snuggle blankets that they got to take home (she also sells some gorgeously fun textiles)!

I love having a canvas from Lindsay on our walls.  It makes this season of living in what will (eventually) be our garage even sweeter and cozier and it was definitely a bonus when my recent girlfriend celebration picnic got rained out and we got and have it as a backdrop inside! 

You can find Lindsay on instagarm and facebook.  Make sure to follow along her stories too to get a glimpse of her spirit and some of her everyday life.  She is a joy to watch.  Also, keep up with the sister company to Lindsay Letters that she is launching June 13th - Farmhouse Canvas Co..