Essential Oils after an MLM / Eden's Garden

It's been a handful of years now since my first amazon order of a very inexpensive essential oil.  I was seeking alternative relief for cluster headaches.  It was perhaps the opposite of relief.  After that I spent a long time being a large sceptic of essential oils until eventually I decided to give it a real go after watching how they had transformed the every day health of my high school friend's family.  While I by far haven't given up traditional medicine in our household, I'm so thankful for what I learned about oils under her guidance -- I am more equipped and better minded on how to turn to oils to aid in my family's health and home needs. 

If you've been on this blog in the last couple years you know that my real journey in learning to love essential oils took place while participating in a multi level marketing company - and while I do believe those oils are of great quality and though I do fully support those who are able to participate in mlm oil companies - especially those who are so generously not just taking care of their families but also equipping and supporting others as well, I slowly grew out of that part of my oil journey and became interested in other retail companies.  My main reasons for the switch being affordability, time, and my understanding of the different farms used. 

After talking with several other oil users and doing online research I zeroed in on Eden's Garden Essential Oils for aromatherapy uses after checking out their about section through their website.  Reading through their E.D.E.N.S (Effective, Dedicated, Educated, Natural, Safe) pledge and reading about their process and history, I felt really comforted by their level of transparency as well as their full desire for educated consumers (I went through all of their FAQs - so informative).  Also, their pricing was a big indicator to me that they were an oil that was worth a try.  I will alway be turned off by a cheap oil from a big box store as well as some of the over pricing of mlm oils.  The prices of Eden's Garden cut out the middle man and you are still paying not a cheap price, but the price for something good that you can trust to aid and not harm.  

As I am still using up a large stock of oils in my cabinet, I am slowly adding different EG oils as well as some other beauty products (I love their perfume!) to my collection.  I love the purchase options you can put together on the website - create your own kit based on your needs or choose a set created by Eden's Garden (there is also a sweet bonus available of adding gift wrapping!). They also have a fun reward system, Aroma Notes, to earn rewards like discounts and free oils and promos.

To give a little glimpse into options and pricing vs. drug store and big mlm companies here are a few EG oils on my shopping and wish list:

Vetiver 10ml/ $13.95
Immunity 10ml/ $8.95  (compare to Thieves and On Guard)
Cedarwood 10ml/ $7.95
Tea Tree 10ml/ $8.95
Rose Bulgarian Absolute 5ml/ $53.95
Lemon 5ml/ $6.95
Stress Relief 10ml/ $8.95 (compare to Stress Away and Serenity)

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