Week in Review

This is a post dedicated to my swing tree...

{this pic is from just a tad over a year ago taken on my 26th bday-  yup, no baby bump there! not one little smidge}

Something that happened this week... you might have heard if you follow me on twitter:  My swing tree broke!  Along with the tree, a little piece of my heart broke too.  Although the tree survived the storm a couple weeks ago, a light rain Sunday afternoon was the demise of my swing's perfect branch.  The tree still stands, but it is no longer able to lend itself to joyous occasions of weightlessness, nostalgia, and whimsy.  I'm not quite sure we have another tree on our property that will work the way this one did...  But alas, this week has still been wonderful!  

This Week, In case you missed it:
Monday: Kicked things off with a GIVEAWAY from Langston's Western Wear
your chance to win a pair of Lane boots (aprox $400 value!)
ends this Sunday at 11:59pm. Click HERE to go enter!
Tuesday:  a yummy yum recipe for muffins made with Craklin' Oat Bran
Wednesday:  Hostess gift ideas {featuring The Wedding Chicks}
Plus some great new blogs to check out and new music from Lord Huron for your ears!
Thursday:  GIVEAWAY number two of the week!
You're chance to win a custom blog header and button from Behold the Metatron!
ends Thursday 6/16 at 11:59pm.  Click HERE to enter!

Coming up next week:
*Another GIVEAWAY!  Look to win some more sweet kicks from Blowfish Shoes!
*Pictures from our BBQ themed couples baby shower

and just for fun...
this day & time last year:
Aussie blogger Trishie (under lock & key) was guest posting!

What was your post this day last year?
So fun to look back!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!  I'm off to our uncle's pool after work today! I'm gonna humor myself (and everyone else) by practicing my beached whale impression....


  1. i know! i can't believe your swing broke!! soo sad!! :( and can't wait for the blowfish shoes giveaway!! have a great weekend!!

  2. Truly sad about the swing breaking :( My dad always put up swings for us at every place we lived. They have one up now at their house and my boys love to swing on it when we go over. I love that. It really takes me back :)

  3. You are the giveaway queen!
    I really should look back and see what I posted a year ago. Oh, and I adore the fact that you have a tree swing. Cute!

  4. I love tree swings! They're so beautiful and can make you feel so serene....

  5. Oh, swing trees are the perfect way to bring out the kid in you! I'm sorry about yours & I hope you find a new spot for one soon. Happy weekend~

  6. I'm a baby blogger, so no last year posts for me to reflect on. :)

    You're so generous with your giveaways! Loving them!!

    Have a great time at the pool.

  7. awe! your swing has been a part of so many lovely photos!

  8. cute blog!


  9. aw, i'm sorry about your swing! :( i need to make note of this for my future house! tree swings = awesome!

  10. Sorry to hear about the swing tree! But glad you had a great week nonetheless.

  11. Aren't swings fantastic...love it! I hope your weekend was wonderful and I'm looking forward to your next giveaway...they are always lovely!

    Liesl :)

  12. oh what a pity :( looks like it was lovely while it lasted though :) xx

  13. ugh. what a bummer!! maybe you could get one of those big swings that has it's own stand instead. you know... a 2 seater? i have no idea what they are called.


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