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Monogram it up! {wiggles}

Not too long ago I won an AWESOME giveaway on sweet Rhi's blog, Hey Gorgeous -- 10 totes of my choice from The Wedding Chicks.  You have got to check out both Rhi's blog and The Wedding Chicks blog if you haven't already.  They are both stocked full of good advice and inspiration.  

I picked out the Crest Monogram totes in light iris and paired them together with Homegrown Monogram Mugs from Anthropologie.  I think they made the perfect combo & I was super excited to give them to my sweet friends last weekend (will post more on the shower soon!).

The totes are great quality, and although I won these -- I have to say, at $26 each they are a super good deal!  So if you have shower gifts coming up, or just need gifts for any occasion, you might want to remember The Wedding Chicks! And thanks again Rhi for a great giveaway!

{wondering what my other 4 were? I of course got one for myself in the crest monogram, and then i got three of the Circus Name totes -- one for another shower hostess and one for each of the new Grandmas - Grammie & Mimi!}

Wednesday Wiggles
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p.s. don't forget to enter my current giveaway for your choice of Lane boot's from Langstons! ($400 value!)


  1. aaw so cute and love these anthro mugs too!

  2. Oh I LOVE monogrammed anything! I may have to file this away for future use.

  3. What a pretty pairing! I love monogrammed stuff ;)

  4. What a good deal! The totes are so adorable, and those mugs are so pretty! Such perfect gifts!

    And also, thank you so much for the mention-- I appreciate it so much! I'm so glad I also know of this blog now, I love it! Thank you again, and have a beautiful day, Blair!

  5. Oh, these are too cute! <3 Great win!

  6. awww yay! i've been wiggled! i love it :)
    thank you dear!

  7. What a perfect shower gift! The totes are SO cute! I love the iris coloring!

  8. oh my word, I can't wait for an opportunity to get these...

  9. No way! They are super cute and I love Monogrammed anything. A perfect birthday gift.

  10. They looks so beautiful and I agree, the mugs fit right in:) Kisses, sweetie

  11. oh, they are so darling! we love to see our products in action! (: thank you for posting!

  12. how sweet! thank you! new to yours too! and i adore it!

  13. thank you!! I found some great new blogs here and yours included! have a great day :)

  14. I was totally thinking you'd send me a bag BUT this idea is way cuter :) hehe you are so clever Miss Blair!! xoxo

  15. Your newest follower, i absolutely love your blog, and LOVE the monogramed mugs!!!!! I own the other black and white letter mug from Anthro I had no idea they had these cuties as well! :)


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