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{Wiggles} When it Rains...

Sometimes it just pours.
{front yard -- power lines dangling over my car}
{back yard -- can't get out back door}
In the last couple of weeks, we've had a lot of rain -- a few too many storms... not just literally, but also emotionally.  Sometimes when it rains, it pours.  

Early Monday morning we woke up to some very LOUD thunder.  Then the electricity went out.  Then it was the loudest noise I've ever heard from my little house -- pounding rain, hail, debris hitting our house, and evidently... trees breaking and power cords ripping.  The electricity going out was what woke us up, then we heard the rest of the noise, grabbed Oscar {our pooch} out of the back room and hunkered down in the bathroom.  We were back there for about 10 minutes before everything began to quiet down.  With candle in hand David went to check out the windows for the all clear.  Little did we know that we wouldn't be able to see out of our back window as we had gotten blocked in by a down tree from the neighbors yard.  Front yard... almost as bad with power lines everywhere, including over my car.  Big limbs strewn across our yard and street.

Miraculously, our house and our cars were not damaged.  The tree in the backyard fell perfectly between our house and our shed - not braking a window or harming anything!  Praise the Lord for his graciousness. 

Yesterday's storm seems to all to perfectly match what my life around me has felt like the past week.  But just like the storm around my house that huffed and puffed with all it's might and to no avail harmed my family or the things I hold dear, I know that God will continue to hold me in the palm of His hand as the rest of the storms in my life continue to fade away.

As I wrote in my post yesterday, not knowing what the weather was about to do, "Storms WILL come."  And that they do!  And that they have.  But God is good! And I cling to the hope of his promises.  I look around me and all I see are blessings -- friends with words of encouragements, friends & family praying, friends with chainsaws (who have already removed the tree from our backyard!), a place to stay while our electricity is still out so this pregnant momma can sleep... It is so beautifully clear that I have a loving Savior, and though the rain sometimes does pour, I am not outside of His tender mercy.

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  1. Oh my!! I am so glad that you and your hubs (and pooch) are safe!! How scary! And I'm so relieved that your home and car were untouched! You truly are blessed, He is watching over you :)

  2. Wow! This looks so scary, but I love how you turned something negative into something so positive. God IS good! I'm so glad that you were able to have the tree removed and that you guys are ok. Thinking of you guys.

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out,and I'm so happy to "meet" you!

    So glad you're safe and that you didn't have any damage to your house. We've had lots of strong storms too. Crazy weather!

  4. Wow! That is truly a blessing. God is so awesome! Glad nothing serious was damaged!

  5. oh my, this is pretty scary! How fortunate that you had no severe damage - thinking of you all!

    I'm off to check out all the wiggles!

  6. OH, I am glad that you didn't get damage to your house or car!

  7. wow. thank you for the wiggle. and i am glad you found me ~ so that i found you. AND now i those "insects with large wings" are that my dog keeps eating. nice. happy day! ;)

  8. I'm in IA and we've been having CRAZY weather, too! Yours looks a tad crazier though ;-) Thanks so much for the shout-out! You're too sweet! I already know and love a few of the other wiggles today, and it looks like I'll have a few more to fall in love with, too! Thanks again!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  9. just discovered your blog and i love it! in a weird way i really love big storms...probably because i live in southern california and a big storm here does not compare to the crazy storms in other parts. hope the storm has cleared.

  10. thank you so much! you are the sweetest :)

  11. so scary we haven't seen rain in months in South Texas.

  12. Wow! He really was looking over you! I am so happy you are safe and well.

  13. so glad you guys didn't have any major damage. Trees can really do a lot! I fear this isn't the end of bad weather for the year, so I pray He continues to keep you safe!

  14. you are such a gifted writer blair! another beautiful, tugging-at-my-heart post. God was truly watching over you - what a miracle that nothing was damaged! you are in my prayers!

  15. praise God you and family are safe! Praying that you remain safe!

  16. Thank you for the wiggle! So kind. i've enjoyed looking around your blog, so thanks for coming by and saying hi. Praise the Lord you're safe!

  17. Yikes, Blair! Thinking of you lots and hoping it all turns out for the better.

    Reminds me of the quote..."if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain"'ve got a rainbow on the way!

  18. that's crazy. glad you and your family are okay.

  19. wow, so glad everyone & everythings safe from the storm.

    here's to a sunshiney week ahead then dear. i had an emotional crazy week last week mayself, but all's well now. maybe its just going around.

    lots of love to you magnolia & david

  20. So glad to that you and your home is alright - that is amazing. And thanks for the little shout out and for your sweet encouragement. So nice to "meet" you, Blair. (and that photo of you and your husband is so Beautiful!)

  21. Your house is adorable!
    It rained in Aus, well where I live all Spring and all Summer it was horrendous. I was actually looking forward to Autumn so the rain would stop. I usually love rain but after 6 months I was over it. Hope you dry out soon.

  22. P.S. You are the 10th blog since yesterday that I have thought...hmmm...why have I not seen updates from this person, even though I visit yours on my own weekly...well, silly Google Friend Connect appears to have suddenly un-follwed you and apparently most of my favorite blogs! Grrrr...well, I'll show it...I'm following again! So sorry...I love you blog and now must catch back up! I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

    Liesl :)


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