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Siloam is Blogging

Which means I more or less get paid to blog now!... every bloggers dream right? Nothing too fancy, but I got to put it together as part of our brand new website. Check it all out!

Earth Hour Nashville

We learned about Earth Hour a little last minute, but still participated. I wish i had known more about it because it looks like it would have been a fun time to go hang out downtown. David and I had the lights out in our apt. and spent the time hanging out with our friends Cole & Doug. When the hour was over we left them off. It reminded us when we were kids and there would be a thunder storm. It would be so fun during school or at home when you were "forced" together to play games and entertain each other in the dark with candles and then when the lights came back on everyone let out a very sad "awwww man" and so then your mom or teacher just turned the lights off and the fun continued (did you like that run on sentence?).

Check out the difference of the Nashville skyline during Earth Hour '09.

Why we can't wait for October!...

Sweet book made movie with a sweet Director (Spike Jonze)with sweet Music (Arcade Fire) -- David

Its not too late to Be Heard!

Be Heard Project - A Special Message from Future Nurses of America from beheard on Vimeo.

Also- send an email straight to the White House yourself:  Address President Obama and let him know that YOU want to be heard!

El último día verde

5 days of wearing green? Done! I told Kate (my boss) today that it was the last day of green and her response was, "oh, so you did realize you were wearing green every day??!" Yes, Kate. Yes I did. However, my quest for absolution from the Irish for "my McLeod family killing an Irish clan" turned out to be unneccesary. Said volunteer, Putman, came in yesterday and let me know that he had mispoke and it was his scotish side of the family that had been over taken by the long ago McLeods. Green just isn't a solution for that one.

To close out Green week, I think Kermit the Frog says it best:
Well said Kermit. Well said.

Green = Spring!

Today Green represents the vernal equinox!! Today is the last full day of ol' winter! Hoooorah! Sometime between tomorrow and 3/21 we will officially be living it up in the Spring! With all of its representation of God's glory - renewal, growth, warmth, days getting longer... this girl Loves her some spring!! I re-visited my first blog circa 2005 and found this entry about spring. My God is so faithful!

Another thing I would like to celebrate are the Chattanooga Mocs. There colors are not green, but they are pretty green to the "big dance." I've been having fun following their Jimmy Fallon support on The Geyer's blog. Too funny. Makes me want to sing, "Moc- yea. ing- yea. bird- yea... moking bird don't everybody..."

Spreading the Green

...miercoles verde...

...Oscar got tired of being pinched yesterday and finally put on some green...
And in case you missed the festive green jib jab sendable-- Irish Step Dance (think dancing Christmas elves turned into Lord of the Dance). Click HERE to make your own.

And the "Go Green" tip of the day: If you have the option, use a toaster oven instead of a conventional oven, and you'll consume far less energy (a whopping 50% less)!

Green for a Week

What I learned in college: St. Patrick, born 389 in Whales. 406 was captured in a raid and brought to Ireland as a slave. After a few years he made a wild escape only to have dreams of crying Irish babies pleading for his return. He went back to Ireland and baptized people in droves. He established several mission monasteries before heading to Scotland... where he met the McLeods and thus started the family heritage of faithful Jesus followers! (Okay, I made that last part up...but it could be true... he did spread the gospel in Scotland!)

On another St. Patricks day note-- a couple weeks ago a new volunteer with the last name Putman came to Siloam. He inquired about my last name (double checking that it was from a Scottish background) and then proceeded to tell me that specifically "my clan" killed hundreds of his ancestors. Cool.

So in light of these two little tidbits... to thank St. Patrick for preaching to my McLeod family and for absolution from the Irish for any families "we" may have killed....

I'm wearing green ALL week.


Today!(The official Green day):
I'm doing a bit of an Irish jig in this pic.

Good People must Like Ryan Adams... before the concert...

God gifted us with two tickets to see a dream! David and I have for years been wanting to see Ryan Adams, but some how as if by magic- his concerts always sell out before they go on sale! Well... last weekend at the lake we get a call from our friends Sarah (Smash) & Joel Finely. Long story short, their downstairs neighbor broke up with her boyfriend/fiance. They had tickets to see Ryan Adams & the Cardinals play at War Memorial Auditorium for Saturday 3/14. She went up to Joel & Sarah's, knocked on the door, explained the situation and said "You look like good people and I have to assume that all good people like Ryan Adams," giving them the tickets!! They had already planned on going out of town, so the tickets were given to us!! holy cow! We went and it was amazing!! One of those concerts you are still thinking about for days after in amazement to how wonderful and even almost powerful it was! Thank you Sarah & Joel, thank you downstairs neighbor to Sarah & Joel, and thank you God!

Lake Activities

We Listened to:

We Read:
The Road, Cormac McCarthy
Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson

We Watched:

and David sketched this of me!!:

I love it! It took about 35 minutes... I just sat there and read and got a little sun!

A Perfect Weekend!

David and I had the most wonderful WONDERFUL time at the lake! Oh how we love marriage! We spent our time hanging out at the dock, canoeing, watching a couple movies, reading, and eating! We took tons of pictures and had a blast being silly with the camera and the tri-pod. Here are a couple and I will hopefully post a link for the rest soon.

And don't forget the post below for the Be Heard Project -- sign the petition to help support pro-life doctors and their CHOICE to not preform abortions.

Be Heard

Watch out for my F-I-L!

David's Aunt Diane just turned 40! And this was the surprise from my father-in-law Bruce (he's pretty darn cool- but now i know to watch out!) All the pictures are from when Diane ran for Ms. Auburn in college. If you zoom in you will see that all the "i"s in "Diane" are dotted with crowns. Too funny!! Happy Birthday Diane & thank you Bruce - thank you!! This beets the time that our old neighbor took his lawn mower to our back yard and shaved the same thing into our grass for my mom 9 years & 8 months ago... Bruce, be thinking of a good 50 surprise for my momma!

2 years and Counting!

(Please excuse the demented sad looking rabbit- he by no means represents our marriage)
We'll be celebrating this weekend starting Thursday night when we head to the lake! Pictures of canoeing and cuddling to follow! :)


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