Green for a Week

What I learned in college: St. Patrick, born 389 in Whales. 406 was captured in a raid and brought to Ireland as a slave. After a few years he made a wild escape only to have dreams of crying Irish babies pleading for his return. He went back to Ireland and baptized people in droves. He established several mission monasteries before heading to Scotland... where he met the McLeods and thus started the family heritage of faithful Jesus followers! (Okay, I made that last part up...but it could be true... he did spread the gospel in Scotland!)

On another St. Patricks day note-- a couple weeks ago a new volunteer with the last name Putman came to Siloam. He inquired about my last name (double checking that it was from a Scottish background) and then proceeded to tell me that specifically "my clan" killed hundreds of his ancestors. Cool.

So in light of these two little tidbits... to thank St. Patrick for preaching to my McLeod family and for absolution from the Irish for any families "we" may have killed....

I'm wearing green ALL week.


Today!(The official Green day):
I'm doing a bit of an Irish jig in this pic.