Good People must Like Ryan Adams... before the concert...

God gifted us with two tickets to see a dream! David and I have for years been wanting to see Ryan Adams, but some how as if by magic- his concerts always sell out before they go on sale! Well... last weekend at the lake we get a call from our friends Sarah (Smash) & Joel Finely. Long story short, their downstairs neighbor broke up with her boyfriend/fiance. They had tickets to see Ryan Adams & the Cardinals play at War Memorial Auditorium for Saturday 3/14. She went up to Joel & Sarah's, knocked on the door, explained the situation and said "You look like good people and I have to assume that all good people like Ryan Adams," giving them the tickets!! They had already planned on going out of town, so the tickets were given to us!! holy cow! We went and it was amazing!! One of those concerts you are still thinking about for days after in amazement to how wonderful and even almost powerful it was! Thank you Sarah & Joel, thank you downstairs neighbor to Sarah & Joel, and thank you God!


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