Watch out for my F-I-L!

David's Aunt Diane just turned 40! And this was the surprise from my father-in-law Bruce (he's pretty darn cool- but now i know to watch out!) All the pictures are from when Diane ran for Ms. Auburn in college. If you zoom in you will see that all the "i"s in "Diane" are dotted with crowns. Too funny!! Happy Birthday Diane & thank you Bruce - thank you!! This beets the time that our old neighbor took his lawn mower to our back yard and shaved the same thing into our grass for my mom 9 years & 8 months ago... Bruce, be thinking of a good 50 surprise for my momma!


  1. what "i"s? I can't find the crowns!!

  2. on the little pictures of the faces it says Diane at the bottom... :)


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