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The Pixie Project was one of the greatest journeys I have ever gone on -- as a blogger, as a woman, and as a believer. I thought it was just about changing the lives of women in Africa (and that it did!), but I got more than I expected when I realized how much it was changing my own heart and my own life. My hope is that my journey through Pixie Project will encourage you to find your own story to support the efforts of the Mocha Club by doing your own Purpose Project.

You can follow my month long project by clicking the different images below.  Each picture will take you to different posts from my project (listed in order).  You will also find my tips and advice for starting a project of your own at the bottom of this page.

              Introductions & Explanation                                                       What If it was your friend?

               Goal Reached! Pick my Pixie!                                                                         Identity

                      fashionABLE                                                                                                 Change

                      last hair post                                                                                              final plea (video)

Goal Reached!! Final Video:

Click photo below to read my final recap post:

Now it's your turn!

If you have questions about my project or how to start a Purpose Project of your own, I'd love to hear from you.  You can shoot me an email or find me on twitter @blairita.  

Tips & Advice for your future project:
* Don't force it.  Pray about it.  Let it happen organically.  Your heart will show you what to do and how to do it.
*  Don't get caught up in who gives and who doesn't.  It's not about that.  
*  Go easy on yourself.  You aren't out to prove yourself as a great fundraiser or story writer.  Take this as a journey of growth and meditation on the gifts you have and how you can serve others through your voice and platform.
* Be teachable.  This month will be a great learning opportunity as you tell your story and raise funds.  Be open to change and all the ways you will grow personally and as a blogger.
*  Use your online community.  Have blog friends?  Send them emails.  Ask if you can guest post about your project.  Ask them to tweet or share your project on their facebook wall.  Ask if you can put an ad on their side bar.
*  Use your personal connections as well, not just your blog.  Email and talk to you work and church friends.  Post on your personal facebook account.  
*  Its hard not to be shy when you are asking for money.  This is a good opportunity to find your voice of triumph!  There is a story that needs to be told -- whether it is about women in the sex industry or a child's need for clean water.  Tell their story.
*  People want to see you succeed.  Don't be nervous about "over pushing" your project.  Be a walking billboard for a month.  Talk to people you don't know.  This is a great way to start new relationships.
*  Follow up with people.  If someone has said they would donate early on in the month -- remind them.  
*  Do your homework. Learn about how Mocha Club works and about their different project areas.  Learn about their history and their nonprofit information.  Some people might be nervous to donate without this info.
*  Go local!! Get your local media and businesses involved.  Ask to put up a flier.  Try to get your project in the newspaper.  If you are doing something like a pixie -- try to get the service donated.  (I had my haircut donated by a great salon and then i donated what i would have paid to the project instead)
*  Good Graphics.  Start with a good graphic to be used in each of your posts and in your sidebar adds.  If this isn't your strength, find someone to donate the art work.  Keep it simple, but eye catching.  Use the graphic to make buttons of different sizes to share with your blog friends.  
*  Do not find your identity in this project.  If not a single person donates a dime (which won't happen), do not be discourage.  You are loved beyond measure and the Lord has not called your to your project in vain, but for a great purpose -- regardless of how many $$ you raise. 
*  Pray. Pray. Pray.  For the children, for the women, for whatever project area you choose.  Pray for them.  Pray for the future participants. Pray for Mocha Club.  Pray for yourself.  Pray for your blog.  Pray for your time management.  Pray for your heart and the hearts of those who hear your story.  This will get you through.


  1. During our safari honeymoon, I met a lot of amazing women who were hard-working and regrettably, single parents. I admire their hardwork and spirit amidst tough economic times.


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