Oh my goodness. Tick tock goes the clock doesn't it? The month is almost over.  We're stilly blowing our fundraising goal out of the water.  Lives are being changed -- and when I say lives, I include my own.  This has been such an affirming project for me of who God made me and the desires he has put in my heart.  I have learned so much just from hanging out with the cool/wise/passionate folks of Mocha Club.  Never have I encountered that kind of vision matched so perfectly with patient strategy.  This project has challenged and stretched me in more ways that I had imagined I would encounter -- lessons in being teachable, vulnerable, confident, and faithful.  All that and I haven't even cut my hair yet!  I feel so abundantly blessed by this project.  I've been talking so much about changing lives in Ethiopia, but I'm humbled by how it has changed my own.

We're almost there.  Just a few more days.  Thank you for supporting my constant fundraising pleas.  I'm gonna keep pushing strong for these next couple days.  We've now raised more than enough to support 4 women through a year of holistic rehabilitation.  We're too close to supporting a 5th to back off now.  $259.  That's what we have left to bring us to a total $2,000 of donations / 5 women.  Let's do this!!

My haircut is scheduled.  4:30 this Friday.  I'm pumped.  The sweet folks of Salon N'Fuse are donating the cut.  I met with my stylist Jordan last week for a consultation.  She helped put to ease any of my last remaining fears of doing the big chop.  It's Pixie Time!

only $259 to go!


  1. I'll try again to donte. I'm so happy you did this. I cannot wait to see the hair!

    1. Hey girl! I have a number you can call to do it over the phone. They haven't been able to figure out the glitch some people are running into. Xo

  2. You're such an inspiration! Thanks for heading up this project. I'm so happy that it's been successful and I cannot WAIT to see your cute new haircut :)

  3. I'm just in awe of what you are doing. Thank you for helping out the women of the world. I'm looking foward to the new hairstyle, it's going to be fierce!

  4. Blair, you're such an inspiration!! Thank YOU for all that you do!! xoxo

  5. How awesome they're doing your haircut for free! And even more you're so close to getting help for 5 women! Thanks amazing.

    I can't wait to see your pixie! I'm sure it'll be absolutely perfect!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  6. Why Being A Working Mom Just Isn't For Me

    You will LOVE the pixie cut. I know I loved mine. Just think of all the earrings and hair accessories you will rock!


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