6 years difference

Six years ago David and I drove an hour south of Nashville to go to the Blessing of the Hounds (the opening fox hunt of the Hillsboro Hunt Club).  I wore my new pair of Justin boots and we camped on our friend's uncle's cow pasture.  We didn't know it at the time, but we were freshly pregnant with our first little girl.  We reveled in the sun shining in the morning dew and the narnian pear trees.  We rode horses and climbed hay bales.  Experiencing moments of a dream and a future that we didn't know were ours.

Fast forward and we now sit ready to move to that same town - just five miles from that cow pasture and live on 53 acres of our own land.  Land that backs right up to the same land we witnessed the hunt on and jumped bale to bale.  Three children in tow.  Wide-eyed and curious.  


  1. I love seeing how your dreams started, without even knowing it, and I love seeing them come to fruituon now 6 years later! Going back to where it all started was magical.

  2. So delighted you guys are headed this way! We look forward to your adventures and hearing all the stories. I guess you won't need to camp in our cow pasture anymore, huh. E.


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