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Oh man!! Girl's weekend -- oh my wonderful!  For the past couple years, myself and three of the bests from college have made a point to get together as regularly as possible.  We were in Nashville last year, D.C. two years ago, and this year we went a little closer to our friendship roots and headed to Carolina.  As we searched and deliberated on locations we found the perfect "kinda crazy idea" for us on airbnb and we were sold.  Asheville Glamping.  It was so much more then we had even hoped and I can't wait to go back with my girls -- and even as a getaway with the husband. (use this link to get $20 off when you book a place for the first time on airbnb)

Because I don't see these girls often enough, and I certainly miss birthdays and other big events, I always love coming to our time together loaded with some of my favorite things to share with them (you can see last year's post on that here + here).  This year, since I knew we were going a bit vintage in our Silver Bettie camper and because I knew we would spend so much time lounging and coffee drinking -- some classic pajama sets + house shoes + mugs + something super warm and cozy came to mind.

Here are all the details:

Y'all -- I make my friends do weird things all the time, but this might have topped it off as I made them walk around in matching whites.  I kept singing "as I go down to the river to pray..." as it felt a little reminiscent of the scene from Oh! Brother Where Art Thou.  But I mean for serious -- they loved these pjs from Lavender Fields shop as much as I do!  So soft and so well made.  They are yummy and for sure in permanent rotation in my night wear.  We are wearing the Taylor Linens White Ruffle Pajama set and for sizing reference we all have on a size small -- I'd say a small fits size range 2 - 6/8. (I have my eye on these polka dot cuties next! -- and they have so much more than pajamas, lots of gift ideas for the holidays and you might even find yourself some home goods!)

I found some super light slip on house shoes handmade in Guatemala and sold at UncommonGoods (I go to them a lot for gift ideas -- you can find more girlfriend gift ideas here & or if you wives need to drop some gift ideas to your husbands check here).  They are the perfect in-between of barefoot and something thick and clunky to keep your toes warm and off the ground.

The Perfect Mug
"Wake up! It's Adventure & Coffee Time!" -- perfect.  I gifted my girls with these porcelain coffee mugs made to look like classic tin camping mugs (but these you can microwave! big plus for me because I'm a slow coffee drinker) from Sea Jay Shop.  I love following along #thatpnwmug on instagram.  Go check it out (and check her shop for more mug options and downloadable prints!)

Pendleton Blanket
No -- sadly I didn't bring Pendleton blankets for everyone.  But I did find this dream blanket from and I knew my girls would love and drool over it as much as I did.  We drug it all over the place and of course giggled doing reenactments of @socialitybarbie from instagram.  If you've been hunting for the same one she has -- this one is part of the National Park blankets that Pendleton makes... there are several different parks represented with different colors.  This one is the Glacier National park blanket with the black, yellow, red, and green stripes on either end.  #hearteyes    
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The best of weekends people - the best!  We ate too much and laughed too much and cried too much.  So thankful for these girls and for these fun partners who helped me show them some love.

Keep your eyes out later this week for a little video short that is in the works from our weekend!


  1. I LOVE the PJs...thanks for planning such sweet treats for us, Blair!


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