Y'all!  There is not a lot better than having your college girlfriends in town for the weekend.  I love these three girls.  We met in college -- our small 1,350 student body liberal arts school in South Carolina.  I met Courtney first as I reached out to touch her curly hair as we walked in a group to GDH (our dinning hall).  Helen and I met through a campus ministry and then became closer through Courtney and through being new members of our sorority together.  Katherine came the next year and we became friends through campus ministry, student government, and then as my little sister in our sorority.  Helen and Courtney and I were the "three peas."  Katherine very easily has become our fourth.  We live in Washington D.C., Nashville, and Chapin South Carolina.  We are a teacher, government health, engineer, and ministry.  We have a lot that makes us different, and a lot that makes us the same.  He laugh at and with each other.  We talk about the hard things.  And just like in college when we would wear 80s prom attire to our formals just for fun, we don't take ourselves too seriously.  Ah!  Love these girls.

As mentioned last week, I wanted to put together some fun surprises for then they came to visit.  In the past I've enjoyed getting matching long-john pjs for us to sit around and stay cozy in.  This time around I wanted something a bit more custom and I remembered my friends at apliiq -- a store that "celebrates fabric as art and clothing as a frame" (love that!) and you can creat custom t shirts  and other apparel from baby wear to denim jackets to dresses and cardigans.  

I had thought about designing each of them a sweatshirt as a surprise, but decided it would be more fun to let them show of their own personalities and design their own.  I loved what they each came up with.  And if you're worried that "design your own" means difficult and only for "designers,"... have no fear because apliiq's interface is unbelievably easy and gives lots of fuel for creativeness! Each of my girlfriends loved it!

What I love about these sweatshirts (besides their coziness and quality) is that just like us and our friendship -- each of these sweatshirts are so different and unique, but hold the same core values that make them the same.

use code wildandprecious for 15% off your order now through December 1st.  Think of all the peeps you can cross of your Christmas list!  And if you want to do like I did and let your favorite people design their own, go for the gift card!

Apliiq is great for individual and small orders for custom apparel, but they are also now excited to offer large group orders and even take custom designs!  Think of the possibilities for office apparel, team spirit, greek groups!...  I'm already dreaming up more ideas for more occasions!

find more of alpiiq:


  1. I love how unique each sweatshirt is!

  2. Ah, so cool! I've never heard of anything like this - totally going to check them out! (ps- my faves are yours and the black/grey ones!)

  3. LOVED the sweatshirt...so soft and cozy and unique. Thanks, Blair!

  4. So cute!


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