A Video Short / Asheville, NC

Last week I posted a lot of pictures from my girls weekend (find those here) and today I have a little video short for you.  A minute and a half capture of the perfect slow morning of coffee, pajamas, keeping warm, and laughing (and some crying) together all outside of our vintage silver bettie camper in the beautiful outdoors or Asheville, North Carolina.

Details seen in the video:
Location - ashevilleglamping.com
Pajamas - Lavender Fields (Taylor Linens Ruffle White)
Adventure + Coffee Mugs - Sea Jay Shop
Slippers - uncommongoods.com
Pendelton Wool Blanket - indiantraders.com

We loved our time in Asheville together!  I will for sure look to stay at one of Asheville Glamping's locations again!  Other places we loved-

Biscuit Head. Y'all, they have a jam and butter bar!!!  There are a lot of great places to grab coffee and shop along this strip too.  A decently priced second hand store is right across the street.

Rhubarb for a late lunch and drinks down town.  Lots of small plates to share and try.  A great covered patio area.

We ate at The Admiral in West Asheville for our first dinner together.  One of the best meals I've had in a while, especially for the price.  And there is a Whiskey bar across the street when you're finished!

Okay! I'm ready to go back!


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  2. Blair: you captured some precious time from a dazzling day! Thanks @lavenderfieldsshop for making our wardrobe, oh, so cute and cozy!


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