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JORD - him.

Just a few weeks ago I posted about a new fancy unique watch that I'd added to my everyday wear (find that post here).  It wasn't long after being introduced to JORD wood watches that I knew my artist husband should have one too.  David, when he isn't working in the studio, is building things.  What sorts of things?...  All the things!  Like our couch, or the kids bunkbeds, or our dinning table, our fort... this guy has a way with wood.  He has also built a lot of custom frames for his art.  And when he goes building, he doesn't just go to Lowes and do a quick pick of two by fours, he finds wood all over Nashville that is reclaimed or shipped in - all with different natural beauty of color, knots, and smells.  So, of course, a wood watch from JORD makes for the perfect gift.

If you are looking for a gift idea for your guy, here is why I think a watch from JORD is a sure bet - 

1.  Well I already stated it - they are made from wood! High quality durable unique wood.

2.  They are light weight.  So if you guy is like mine and always doing a bazillion different things with his hands all day, they have an invisible feel you don't have to worry about feeling heavy or sweaty.

3.  If your guy is a gadget guy, this one that David has - The Dover, has visible "guts." An industrial exhibition face which makes it really distinctive (and fun to stare at!)  An awesome combination of nature and technology.  This from their site is how I knew this was the perfect gift for David:
Tinkering around in your parent's garage and playing with things you shouldn't, you were an inventor from the start. Having a thing is never enough. You need to know the how, why, and what of the build. Your foundation for innovation is equal parts curiosity and creation. We know you because we are you. With gears in full view and structured style, the Dover Black & Koa was designed for the maker in us all.

You can see more of their Men's line on their website at  Also find them on instagram + Facebook. Womens Wooden Watches

Push Play: Lotta From Stockholm

Dress: Vinnie + Louise
Poncho: Jigsaw London
Necklace: Miriam Collection @ fashionABLE
Clogs c/o Lotta from Stockholm
Photo cred: LindsyLMR Photos

Remember this post? or this one? or maybe this?... They all have something in common - my love for these amazingly comfortable wooden clogs.  Lotta from Stockholm.  That's the brand.  Super great quality.  Durable fine materials.  Annnnd a lot less expensive then some of those other brands you might have been eyeing at Anthropologie etc.  

While a clog shoe is suggested for orthopedic use (I bought my first pair when walking was becoming painful during pregnancy), in my very humble opinion, they are a great style statement that can be worn in several different ways through out the seasons!  I put a little quick video of some of the different ways I like to wear my new high heel tractor sole clogs.

Push Play!

Fun right?? (and side not? whatever happened to Jack Johnson? love that song...).  So do yourself a favor and go check out these Lotta shoes.  I have three pairs now and I could not recommend them more.

Find Lotta from Stockholm online to see all their different clogs (as well as several other clog lines).
Lotta on: instagram  |  pinterest  | facebook.

More clog looks (all from Lotta): 

buxom - add some color!

Up until a handful of months ago, I was a "same eyeshadow" everyday kind of girl.  I had my my two colors that I'd mix the same for every occasion.  I've recently had fun venturing out and adding new color to my make-up routine.  Some of my favorite new products are from the new Buxom line at Sephora.  I got to try out some fun colors of eyeshadows (they have a customizable build-your-own pallet bar) and some lip base + color.

Picture of me above - the one on the left is with my foundation and blush on.  The one the right is with the added color from my Buxom supplies (and mascara).

What I love about these particular products:
1.  The eyeshadow packaging.  It's customized eye candy basically.  You can pick out 6 eyeshadows and add them to you compact.  An $85 value, but you pay only $40.  And they aren't tiny amounts of each color - these are going to last you.  But should you run out of one color or decide you'd like something different, they are super easy top pop out and change.  You can buy stand-alone colors for $12.
2.  All about the Base.  All the color are primer-infused, which means the color is going to stay without smearing and dusting off - major bang for your buck and less hassle for your day.  (also a plus - no parabens)

My colors (above left to right):
(I have a mixture of all but the blackberry on in my pictures above. so fun to mix and shade!)

There are 40 different shades to choose from to with different finishes ranging from matte to metallic to sparkle, and more.  So whether you are a neutrals girl, bold and bright, or like to switch it up, they've got you covered.

[Ordering online to get the palette (which is the best deal) can be a little tricky.  But if you are on the sephora website add your six colors to your basket and when you add the pallet case it will discount your basket to $40 including the case.]


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