Push Play: Lotta From Stockholm

Dress: Vinnie + Louise
Poncho: Jigsaw London
Necklace: Miriam Collection @ fashionABLE
Clogs c/o Lotta from Stockholm
Photo cred: LindsyLMR Photos

Remember this post? or this one? or maybe this?... They all have something in common - my love for these amazingly comfortable wooden clogs.  Lotta from Stockholm.  That's the brand.  Super great quality.  Durable fine materials.  Annnnd a lot less expensive then some of those other brands you might have been eyeing at Anthropologie etc.  

While a clog shoe is suggested for orthopedic use (I bought my first pair when walking was becoming painful during pregnancy), in my very humble opinion, they are a great style statement that can be worn in several different ways through out the seasons!  I put a little quick video of some of the different ways I like to wear my new high heel tractor sole clogs.

Push Play!

Fun right?? (and side not? whatever happened to Jack Johnson? love that song...).  So do yourself a favor and go check out these Lotta shoes.  I have three pairs now and I could not recommend them more.

Find Lotta from Stockholm online to see all their different clogs (as well as several other clog lines).
Lotta on: instagram  |  pinterest  | facebook.

More clog looks (all from Lotta): 

Go get some happy feet from Lotta!  Anyway you wear them, they are a sure bet!


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