buxom - add some color!

Up until a handful of months ago, I was a "same eyeshadow" everyday kind of girl.  I had my my two colors that I'd mix the same for every occasion.  I've recently had fun venturing out and adding new color to my make-up routine.  Some of my favorite new products are from the new Buxom line at Sephora.  I got to try out some fun colors of eyeshadows (they have a customizable build-your-own pallet bar) and some lip base + color.

Picture of me above - the one on the left is with my foundation and blush on.  The one the right is with the added color from my Buxom supplies (and mascara).

What I love about these particular products:
1.  The eyeshadow packaging.  It's customized eye candy basically.  You can pick out 6 eyeshadows and add them to you compact.  An $85 value, but you pay only $40.  And they aren't tiny amounts of each color - these are going to last you.  But should you run out of one color or decide you'd like something different, they are super easy top pop out and change.  You can buy stand-alone colors for $12.
2.  All about the Base.  All the color are primer-infused, which means the color is going to stay without smearing and dusting off - major bang for your buck and less hassle for your day.  (also a plus - no parabens)

My colors (above left to right):
(I have a mixture of all but the blackberry on in my pictures above. so fun to mix and shade!)

There are 40 different shades to choose from to with different finishes ranging from matte to metallic to sparkle, and more.  So whether you are a neutrals girl, bold and bright, or like to switch it up, they've got you covered.

[Ordering online to get the palette (which is the best deal) can be a little tricky.  But if you are on the sephora website add your six colors to your basket and when you add the pallet case it will discount your basket to $40 including the case.]