humble hilo

Mine & M's Shoes c/o Humble Hilo
top via Stitch Fix
flower crown by the felt flower shop
M's necklace + my earrings via rocksbox

A little over a year ago I was having a bit of a blue day.  I lost myself trolling the internet and stumbled upon a site that brought some sunshine.  I created a post (this one) to share the happies I had found.  It wasn't sponsored.  I didn't receive anything for creating it -- I had just fallen in love and found a smile and so wanted to share.  That company was Humble Hilo.

"Humble Hilo not only brings beautiful handmade and unique Guatemalan textiles to you, but we are also creating opportunities and changing lives. By buying our products, you are not only supporting families in need of employment, but a portion of EVERY item you buy will go back to directly benefit those in great need by supporting projects. YOU get to choose to support projects in child nutrition, education and literacy for women, and microfinance loans for women to start their own small business to help break the cycle of poverty and help create opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities. The effects of what you are helping us do through your support are endless…"

Ah! Lovely right?  Their product include women's and children's shoes (baby and toddler sizes), women's handbags and accessories, home goods (amaaazzzing rugs!), baby apparel and accessories.  Everything is handmade and when you purchase a product you get to pick the project area your purchase will support: literacy, micro finance, or nutrition.  

Magnolia and I have both loved these shoes.  Yummy soft leather that molds perfectly to your foot for a really comfortable slide on shoe.  I wear them with everything and they are the perfect sandal for when you'd just rather not publicly show those unmanicured toes. 

Here's what else I'm loving...

so dreamy right?! add the fact that you are making a change in lives around the world makes them that much sweeter.

You can read more about Humble Hilo by clicking here and more about the projects they support by clicking here.
Also find them on Facebook + instagram + pinterest.


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