6 Pregnant Mommas + 4moms + Busy Spinning Thread

Back in May, at my 30th birthday party, a good handful of friends came and whispered in my ear that they had just found out they were pregnant.  Add them to my friends who were already pregnant... and I'm in baby land!  Come endd of January I'll need to plan some logistics of making meals for all the new families.  (feel free to send me ideas on how to make lots of meals at once!)

So as all the bellies begin to grow, my friend Melissa and I (me and her not being the pregnant ones in the group), started planning a way we could celebrate these precious mommas and new precious babies.  We knew we wanted it to be intimate and we knew we wanted to shower them in lots of love as 5 of them welcomed baby #2, and one added #3 to their crew. (actually, one had her baby a handful of weeks before the party, and one had her baby just two days after!)

Our immediate thoughts for the party were good food (specifically, we thought meat!!) and nice gifts.  Our husbands volunteered to cook for us ladies.  And we were thrilled to take them up on their offer -- especially since they went all Top Chef on us and presented several delectably creative courses.  We sat around a beautiful table (all Melissa's doing!) complete with surprise flowers & notes for each of the moms from their husbands.

As for gifts: if you have read my blog for a while, you probably know I have a love affair with 4moms and all their gear.  They have always been so generous and when they found out about our precious friends, they went over the top to help us celebrate them.  SIX rockaroos!  

(read my rockaroo review here and see a little demo video I made -- but a quick recap why I LOVE this rocker... aesthetically unobtrusive, quiet, light weight, easy to transport from room to room or to grandma's, magic baby soother)

We wanted to keep these rockaroos a surprise and we totally pulled it off.  With 5 of the rockaroos hidden in the guest room under a blanket, we tied one up with a bow and let it sit in the living room.  After dessert (flourless chocolate cake and trader joes peppermint mojo milkshakes) we gathered together and started unfolding our master scheme...

We sat them all down and handed each of them swaddle blankets from one of my most favorite etsy shops - Busy Spinning Thread.  We explained that we were able to get one rockaroo... we wish we could have gotten each them one, but thought it would be fun if we could just get one, that we draw names for it.  (we watched their faces get all excited and hopeful that they would win).  With their swaddles in their lap we told them to unwrap them to find a piece of paper.  The winner of the rockaroo would be the girl with the star....

Well, of course you know --they all had a star and as they each yelled out that they won, confusion set in and Melissa and I joined in the bewilderment and blamed the husbands for the "star mistake."  We ran to the other room and came back with rockaroos in hand for EVERYONE! I wish I had filmed it, but basically it looked like this:

 It was our Oprah moment!  You get one! and YOU get one!!  Oh! How the room filled with laughter and tears it was amazing!!!   They were so shocked and so excited.  And we felt so honored (with the help of 4moms, Busy Spinning Thread, and our chef husbands) to treat them.

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  1. SOOO cool! What a fun shower.

    Feel free to send one of those bad boys to Washington. I'm due in February :)

  2. You are so funny. This party is PERFECTO. (P.S. love your glittery sweater!)

  3. What a cute idea and I'm sure they felt very celebrated at this special time in their lives. I'm not familiar with the Rockaroo but will go and check it out as we have our 3rd Grandchild due in Feb. Merry Christmas!

  4. What a sweet night, Blair! It is humbling to see how well you celebrate the people whom you love. I am blessed to be among those that you count as friend. Love you!


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