5 (more) Referral programs everyone needs to know

A few months back I posted 5 referral programs that everyone needs to know.  Today, I have five more fun referral program to share with you.  These are great to utilize if you are a blogger, but are also still can be highly successful for non-bloggers.  Don't be shy to share or to tell them you get a "perk" for them using your link.  They will be excited to know about and start eating their own referrals too!  So without further adieu, 5 more of my referral favorites:

Popbasic just started their referral program and I'm super pumped.  $15 for you and $15 for your friend.  They get the money to use right away, and you'll get the $15 when their first collection ships.    The idea behind Popbasic is that they provide great basic and trend quality pieces through a limited edition mini collection each month.  You get to see what is in the collection ahead of time before deciding to purchase.   A fun way to shop and build your wardrobe.  >> my referral link <<
ThredUP gives you $20 to share.  $10 for you & $10 for the person who signs up under your link.  And just like with PopBasic, they get the $10 right away to use towards their purchase & when it ships, you get the money too!  ThredUP is like a consignment shop, but simpler (you don't have to leave your house).  You can shop women's and children's apparel from all the top brands you love at 90% off.  All the clothing is hand selected like-new and certified for quality.  AND-- they make it super simple to send in your used clothes too.  They pay for the shipping and pay up front for every item they can sell.  >> my referral link <<

The Honest Company was started by Actress Jessica Alba and was created around the idea that high quality healthy chemical free organic products don't have to be expensive and also don't have to be ugly.  When friends make their first purchase with your referral link, you get $20 credit to your account.  From diapers to cleaning supplies, bath and body, health supplements... this company looks after the whole health of moms and littles leaving all the irritating chemicals behind.  You sign up for monthly subscriptions that you can cancel at any time.  If you use amazon moms for diapers, this is a great alternative and works similarly -- delivering you diapers and wipes to your door monthly.   Want to try it out first?  They offer a free trial of any bundle to get you started.  >> my referral link <<

fabKids.  got kiddos sizes 2-12?  You get a free kids outfit & your friend gets $15 off + free shipping on their first purchase.  Each month fabkids puts out a new themed line of outfits for girls and boys that are 2-3 pieces each.  From preppy, to rocker, to sweet and sugar they've got all types of children's clothing (and now have shoes too!)  >> my referral link <<

Artifact Uprising.  This one is a bit different, but I wanted to throw some variety in.  Plus, instagram is huge and quality printing is hard to come by -- Artifact Uprising makes quality art prints and books from your instagram photos.  Everyone who uses your referral link gets 10% off their first purchase, and you get a 10% off coupon too.  From their website: "inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible / bettered by a comment of inspired storytellers / driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell.  Tell on."  From square prints to hard cover books to wooden calendars, it really is art.  And I love it! (i think you will too)  >> my referral link <<

tips on using referrals...

** Here's a really frugal tip.  You don't have to buy anything to start earning money.  There are some companies that don't let you earn on referrals until you yourself have made a purchase, but the four listed above let you start earning credit right away.  That means you can sign up, share your link, and then wait and make your purchase until you've saved up some mull. 

**Make tiny links to share.  Use tinyurl.com or bi.ly to make a customized easy to remember referral link.  That way if you are out in public and chatting with someone about how much you love stitch fix, you can tell them your link is http://bit.ly/YourStitchFix instead of trying to remember a bunch of random coded numbers to write down for them.

** Sign up for their newsletters and check them regularly.  When they are having big deals and promotions use that as extra ammo to talk your people into signing up or making their first purchase.

** Utilize social media.  Pin images from these sites to pinterest (example) with your referral link.  If you are a blogger, add side bar content with your specific referral code.  Tweet.  Share. Earn it!

** Need to know:  When using referral (and affiliate) links on your blog, you must always disclose on every post.  You can read all the guidelines and "why" mumbo jumbo here.  All you need to say is what you'll see on the bottom right corner of this post...

** What's the difference between affiliate and referral links?  I touch a little bit on that in the first post here.

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