5 Referral Programs Every one should Know

I feel like a lot of time we as bloggers keep secrets.  This might be one of them... referral programs.  I'm here to blow the awesome news out of the water and share with you a small handful of companies I love that give some mad bonus points and mula for directing traffic their way that you need to be a part of.  

If you are a nubie and don't know what I'm talking about, referral programs are when companies will compensate you for anyone who makes a (initial) purchase from a link generated specifically for you.  Referral programs are different than affiliate programs in that the compensation is a one time fixed rate compensation (as opposed to percentages of purchases and click rates).

So without further adieu...

Minted will give you $25 credit towards your Minted purchases for every person who signs up under your link and makes their first purchase.  Last holiday season I got just four people to sign up under me and that was enough or me to get all my custom Christmas cards for free!  Free y'all.  

Not only do you get rewarded as the referrer, but the people you share your link with have extra incentive because Minted gives them $25 off their first purchase too!  They are also always having deals that make custom cards, prints, and other paper goods less expensive.  It's a win win.  They even have art for your home and things like colorful wash tape! ;)   >> my referral link <<

Stitch Fix: Of course I'm always talking about this one.  It's my favorite.  FAVORITE.  Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist that sends curated boxes right to your door.  It's $20 to order a "fix" but that money goes to any of the items you decide to keep.

For anyone who signs up under your referral link you get $25 Stitch Fix credit.  Thats free clothes people.  And since Stitch Fix sells itself $25 adds up pretty quick.  That's money you don't have to spend at the mall and instead have a personal stylist pick stuff for you -- delivered to your door.  For anyone who signs up under your link you will get the credit once their first fix ships.   >> my referral link <<

Everlane: This store rocks.  I was referred to it by a friend (thanks Marisa!) and could not be more pleased.  Women's & Men's apparel as well as a few accessories (think totes, leather belts, and travel items).  What sets this company apart is their business model and ethics -- "Know your factories.  Know your costs. Always ask why."  They aren't doing the traditional 8x mark up dance and they are challenging the status quo.    $15 store credit for anyone who uses your link and makes their first purchase.   >> my referral link <<

Zulily: Your Facebook feed is probably blowing up with this one this week with the return of Toms shoes to the deals.  Zulily is one of those sites with revolving daily deals from all sorts of retailers.  This site focuses deals on women and children with everything from maternity wear, to shoes, bags, toys and gear.  You have to "sing up" but it is at no cost or commitment.  With their referral program  you get $20 Zulily credit for every first order from your referral link.  >> my referral link <<

David Kind:  I blogged about this new company pretty recently.  Another FAVORITE when it comes to style and business model.  Eye wear meets personal stylist.  You need to check them out.

This referral program is a bit different as it doesn't give you a direct amount of $ credit.  Based on the number of friends who join under your link (joining doesn't cost anything or commit you to anything) you get different levels of perks.  For example after you have 10 friends who join under your referral code you get a second complimentary pair of glasses with your first order (thats $300+ value people!).  And the perks keep going up from there based on your number of referrals.  >> my referral link <<

How to really save with referrals...

** Here's a really frugal tip.  You don't have to buy anything to start earning money.  There are some companies that don't let you earn on referrals until you yourself have made a purchase, but the four listed above let you start earning credit right away.  That means you can sign up, share your link, and then wait and make your purchase until you've saved up some mull.

** Sign up for their newsletters and check them regularly.  When they are having big deals and promotions use that as extra ammo to talk your people into signing up or making their first purchase.

** Utilize social media.  Pin images from these sites to pinterest (example) with your referral link.  If you are a blogger, add side bar content with your specific referral code.  Tweet.  Share. Earn it!



  1. Interesting! I'm always torn with referral links, but I love the idea that your referrals earn money off, too. I'm totally interested in Everlane and Zoolily. Thx for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the tips!! I try to share my referral codes for liketwice.com and thredup.com (I've earned free clothes!), but I had no clue that Minted and Everlane had referrals! I will definitely be using your codes soon ;). Actually--maybe you could help me find something out? I am starting 2nd trimester with my 3rd pregnancy, and really want some Everlane t's--do you think they would work? ie, that they are long enough? I've been googling but don't see any answers :D

  3. "Pin images from these sites to pinterest (example) with your referral link."

    I didn't know you could add links to pins. How do you do that? These are awesome tips. I have blogged about Minted before and am an avid customer of theirs, but have never noticed any credits. These are wonderful tips! You are so true about bloggers keeping secrets. I kinda hate that. So thanks for busting out of that. So loving your blog! Shan from Family Brings Joy

  4. this is so great - thanks for sharing! I have a Q.. for the Everlane referral link, I signed up and it created the code as my name to go to the invite page. how did you get the referral code to be an actual code, so it doesn't look so salesy? and to link to a general Everlane page, instead of the invite page? does this make sense?


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