Stitch Fix Mirror Selfies

Tallia Embroidery Detail Tank by Under Skies
Finnegan Roll Cuff Denim Short by Dear John
Kaitlen Tie-Die Sweater Tank by Under Skies
Sunny Colorblock Maxi Skirt by Tart
Tobey Mixed Stripe Maxi Skirt by Christ & Carol

Y'all.  This is my twentieth fix!! Two years later I'm still having so much fun and I've added so many great pieces to my wardrobe.  See my very first stitch fix here & my tenth stitch fix here.  

For this twentieth box from Stitch Fix I told my stylist that my most favorite maxi, from my very first fix, that I wear ALL-the-time was starting to show it's wear a bit (honestly, I think I've nearly worn it once a week since I got it two years ago, including during my second pregnancy) -- So I was glad she sent to my way.  I was also looking for some denim shorts.

I think the firs top is my favorite of the lot.  I'm really falling in love with the more chic hipster/boho look and think the embroidery of this top hits the nail on the head.  So this tank is a for sure.  I think the shorts are a no.  They fit okay, but I think trying these one made me realize I desire something a bit more funky -- high waisted even?  And the color block maxi?... if you could just feel this fabric!  It's amazing.

Okay.  So help me shop.  Besides the first top which I'm obviously keeping, anything else go in the definite pile?

I've already scheduled my next fix (did you know you can set up for automated shipment on your own schedule of frequency? every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other, etc.) and it is to arrive just a couple days before my 30th birthday.  I've asked for boho glam - white crochet dresses.  I even gave them permission to up my usual $$ allowance per item in hopes of finding something really special for the occasion (you can set your cost preferences in your style profile).  

Y'all.  Sign up if you haven't.  You've got really nothing to loose & if you don't believe me on that, email me.

Can't wait for #21!


  1. Love both the maxi skirts!! And you're right about that first top - amazing!

  2. As adorable as ever! I've been having a lovely time following you on Instagram and am planning to head back into the blogging world again with more DIY, Design & Style stuff, and I knew I needed to stop by here first...glad you are well, Blair! :)


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