WIWW: StitchFix - You're Invited!

skirt: MM Couture c/o SitchFix
shirt: tucked in sundress from Urban Outfitters
belt: wish i could remember

I am just beyond happy with this maxi trend right now.  I love that long (and modest) is the new sexy.  Such great news in my book (don't get me wrong, you'll find some short numbers in my closet too).  Anywhoo -- if you remember one thing about this post remember this: STITCHFIX IS THE BOMB and here is why...

Any of you remember "grab bags?"  You could get them at toy stores or the dollar store.  You pay $1-$5 and pick out a brown paper bag marked girl or boy and you had NO idea what was going to be inside.  It was kind of like gabling for kids and the surprise of what candy and trinkets was inside was almost more than I could handle.  Well, stitchFix takes all the excitement of getting a wrapped surprise and puts an awesome adult spin on it.  All the big stars have one and now you can too --> your own personal shopper!  Yup -- the consultants at stitchfix pack a special surprise box tailored just for you.

How it works:
You fill out a survey online about your likes, dislikes, favorite stores, and style influences (its actually really fun to fill out and even includes picking out pictures of outfits you like more than others -- like the eye doctor, better one? or two? two, or three?... i digress...).  Once you complete your profile you are paired with stylist that best fits your style.  From there you pay $20 upfront to order your fix.  You can also specify when ordering what kind of things you would like to see in your fix, i.e. cocktail attire, sundresses... I asked for a maxi skirt. :)

And then your pretty brown wrapped package arrives (again, remember brown paper grab bags - this is way awesomer. and yes, awesomer is a word).  I did a happy dance when my box arrived -- it was much like my Christmas morning happy dance (man, i'm goofy and using a lot of parenthesis today).  Something else awesome about how everything arrives is that each has a tag with suggestions on how to wear the garment.  So it really is like you have a stylist with you with you try them on.

What was in my box:
BB Dakota jill navajo tunic / $85
MM Coutur ester pleated skirt / $62
Dex ali pink batik print top / $58
Bluejuice larisa cropped drape jacket / $95
Betty Carre Gold spear earrings / $28

So, you get a box full of goodies, non of which you are obligate to keep.  BUT -- that $20 you pay upfront goes towards anything you decide to keep, PLUS if you decide to keep it all you get it at 25% off the marked prices.

Once you've picked out what you like:  Whatever you decide not to keep you put in a prepaid return envelope and send back.  What also is great is that you don't just send it back, but you fill out a quick little questionare online so that your stylist will know how to better taylor your next fix based on what you liked and didn't like about your fix.  

From my fix, I only kept the skirt.  Which only keeping one thing is not a loss because now knowing how different things didn't fit or wasn't quite my style will only make my next fix better.  Also -- y'all know I'm a bargin hunter and so don't usually spend this kind of $$ on my clothes, so next time I'll request for some items that are little friendlier for my personal budget (total disclosure: I was given a credit to do this review).

So, do you want a fix?!
Sitchfix is still in beta, so you have to have an invite.... BUT -- I have an invite for you.  Click HERE to sign up.  This link is your personal invite from me.  I realllly want you to sign up because I know you will love it & they have a great referral program (I get $ towards my next fix whenever someone signs up from my invite)!  And -- once you are in, you can get in on the referral program too and earn yourself some swag bucks of your own.  

Oh it is so fun!! Can't wait for my next fix!!! Let me know if you get one -- would love to see what's in your box!  If you have any questions or hesitations about it feel free to email me, i'd love to help!


 pleated poppy


  1. i love stitchfix!! :D just got my second shipment in and can't wait to blog about it!

  2. these are sweet picks! i esp love the one that you are modeling, girl. :)

  3. LOVE that skirt. And smart cookie, tucking that dress in as a top! I gotta try that...

  4. That skirt is gorgeous, it looks great on you :)

    Stitchfix sounds pretty great!

    L x


  5. This is just SO cute.
    I love it.

  6. Found your blog through Pleated Poppy and so glad I did! I JUST signed up for fix but have not gotten my invite yet. Can I still go through you?

  7. Those patterned pieces are so cute!

  8. OK seriously, you're adorable. I love your outfit and the info on Stitchfix! I'm replying to your kind comment on my WIWW. I just joined your site. Would you mind hoppin' back over to mine and joining mine? Thanks dear! Can't wait to look around more on your awesome blog! :)

  9. Abigayle -- whats the link to your blog? your blogger link goes to your google plus and not your blog... can't find it again. :(

  10. Wow what a gorgeous outfit and you are super cute! LOVE that skirt!! You have some great style on here and look forward to seeing more of your posts!


  11. I love this look--- you look great too

    xo Jessica

  12. sounds like a great idea and I love your outfit, you look very pretty!!

  13. I love it! I just signed up! Although, I don't know if they'll ship to me because I live in Canada, but I figured it was worth a try. You got some fantastic stuff :)


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