How Pinteresting || tracking your blog's pinterest traffic

I have a small obsession with Pinterest.  I was actually invited to start building boards before beta even really launched... but, I was so confused at the time of what it was that I started an account and just kind of forgot about it.  Oh, do I get it now!

I think it is so interesting to see what posts of mine are getting the most pins and sending the most referral traffic my way.  Below are 10 of the top (some are of recent and some are of all time).

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"It's Different" -- Comparing my two pregnancies.

If you are a blogger and want to see what posts are getting the most traffic from pinterest, it is really easy with google analytics.  On the side menu bar click Social > Network Referrals > Pinterest.  This will bring up a list of post links that pinterest has referred to.  If you click the link it will show you the links to all the specific pins that directed traffic to that particular post.

Something funny amazing -- the skirt from this post (from 2010) is the #1 image floating around pinterest bringing people to my blog.  who knew right!

and pssst... find me on pinterest.