Coordinating Maternity & Newborn Shoot / M. Newsom Photography

The Photographer:
I met my friend Meghan while looking for a photographer for our maternity session.  So I was blessed when I found that a friend & photographer all in one person.  She is generous and gentle and loves my family well.  I've shared some of her pics here & here & here, and you might have seen a couple of these before, but I love how she carried out my desire to coordinate our maternity shoot with our newborn pictures.  One of my favorite parts about working with her is she always comes with a creative vision + the means to carry that vision out.  She doesn't just come equipped with a camera bag, but with ideas and lots of experience.

find her:  website | blog | instagram | pinterest

The Scarf:
I knew I wanted to use my Genet scarf from live fashionABLE.   The scarf is named after the woman who made it, a woman who was a part of the sex industry, but now through the making of this scarf is "able to embrace her role as a mother."  You can read Genet's story here.  After reading, you'll know why I love (besides the fact that it is beautiful).  You can find Genet's scarf and other women's scarves (and some cool leather products named for their creators) for purchase here.


  1. well. blair. i'm crying. i was thinking about these photos this morning and how I wished the light was better for henry's little photos so they would have been sharper//i feel bad that they weren't. do you ever feel like that? like, i could have done better. SOMEHOW this could have been better. But, at the end of the day I had to be happy with them. BTW i got a new ring light flash. I have no idea how to use it but it seems pretty cool. ANd BTW, I love you and am thankful for you- the way God brought our paths together blows me away!

  2. What a beautiful idea Blair. And a beautiful scarf. I got away from blogging and reading blogs for the past year and am slowly inching back in, just reading a very small blogs that I love. So glad to have "found" yours again!

  3. Shoot those are stunning shots and I'm loving that scarf and life saved that crafted it!


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