one such little Henry.

How do babies grow so fast?  How crazy is God's design!  My mind is blown daily as I watch this little boy.  Little tiny joints and muscles move exploring fingers.  The tiny hairs on the back of his ears that I know I will miss shortly as they disappear along with his infancy.  His eyelashes have changed colors and seemingly tripled in length from their birth.  Each roll of his thigh represents an infinite measure of blessing.  The smell of his breath.  The sensation of my nose brushing softly along the top of his forehead and running down his nose and across his cheek bone and back again.  I trace my fingers across his chest.  He will be a big boy.  I day dream about the day he engulfs me, his mama, in his wide reaching hug as a grown man.  My big boy.  Gentle.  Now he giggles at me.  Little coos that drag all my senses into focus and remind me that creation carries with it image of The Creator.  A Creator for whatever heavenly reason, chose this mumbling mess to the care of one such little Henry.


All Photos by M.Newsom Photography.  
Meghan came early October and snapped these pictures for us + some family photos that I'll be sharing soon.  
If you are in the Alabama/Tennessee area, I highly recommend her.
Check out more of her work and personal blog here: portfolio | personal blog | instagram


  1. "creation carries with it image of The Creator" Love those words. What a miracle it truly, truly is. Beautifully said.


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