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One of my favorite reminder/truth words is "Abide."  I have it engraved on a bracelet.  I scribble it.  If I ever get a tattoo -- there is a strong chance it would be this word.  I love it.  I need it.  Abide is the most beautifully relaxing verb in the whole universe.  It sounds like breathing -- and exhale of exhaustion and an inhale of life.

I love how in chapters 11 & 12 Emily talks about "letting."  You have to LET peace rule.  And we also have to remain.  On page 147 -

To remin in him means to refuse to get up from his lap.  When it seems like the situation calls for me to stand up and take charge, Jesus gives me permission to remain stil, if only on the inside, to trust deeply and fully that he will be strong on my behalf.  Een when it seems impossible.  Even when ti's counterintuitive.  Even if it means I will look weak.  To remain in him means to let the Great I Am be.

She goes on and references the verse from John 15 about how Jesus is the true vine and we are the branch.  Apart from Jesus we can do nothing.  If we remain with him, we will bear much fruit. 

Emily writes, "The job of the branch is not to make life happen, but to remain in the vine.  To remain in Christ is to stay where you already are.  No need to get up and try to find that which you already have.  Stay.  Abide.  Remain.  Believe."  

She writes all this in light of finding quiet time with God.  That we put pressure on ourselves that it has to look a certain way and be this and that.  She writes on page 149 - 

Quite time is no longer something I do.  Rather, it is a description of what happens when I am with God.  Time can be a loud, chaotic, rushing-around companion.  But as I sit in the presence of God, he quiets my time.

It doesn't have to be at dawn in serene solitude.  It doesn't have to be 13 pages of prayer written in thin black ink in a moleskin journal every evening.  there's no list to check off.  there's nothing to do ... but abide.  



  1. It's no wonder my favorite hymn is Abide with Me Tis Eventide. I love that because it's a simple plea from His disciples to stay with them longer after realizing who He was. I think we all feel that way.

  2. In His presence there is fullness of joy. My personal challenge lately has been abiding in His presence and knowing that all of the answers to all of my questions are in Him. Trusting. Waiting. Abiding.

  3. breath taking words. I have never thought about the word abide in such a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing this today. Because of your link-ups and posts, i finally purchased this book, and I am so excited to read it. Thank you for creating such a beautiful thing to get involved in. :)

    Warmest Wishes - Kiri


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