a new kind of book club

Rachael and I are so excited to embark on a new kind of book club with you.  A weekly series/link up that we hope you'll be a part of!  Here are the details...

Who we are:
Sisters, standing smack dab in the middle of grace & truth. Reading whatever Jesus brings our way.
Journaling our way through life change. Building a community of sisterhood, friendship, & accountability.
Loving on each other every Thursday.

A few reasons why you should consider joining us:
A great way to meet new bloggers, accountibility to spend some time reading stuff that feeds you,  focused prompts for when you have "writer's block," linkups build new readership, your bookshelf will be prettier.

Grab a copy of Grace for the Good Girl, by Emily Freeman. Paperback , e-reader, whatever your preference! This book was the inspiration for our plan and after Emily's blessing, decided it was a great place to start. We'll be covering one or two chapters a week, with blog link-ups every Thursday.

Use #thesamepage for your Twitter/Instagram hashtags, as we'll be chatting on all the usual social media platforms. All are welcome! We want this to fun, challenging, encouraging, and empowering.

You do not have to have a blog to participate.  Share what you are learning anywhere -- instagram, Facebook, with your accountability partner.  It's all up to you.

We are so pumped about this first book.  We are reading it together for the first time too.  Reading books like this that stir your heart are so great and can lead to personal growth, but lets be super careful not to substitute any of this reading with time in the word.  That is where the real good stuff is!

--> Next week is the first link up!  
Week One // Introduction and chapter 1

feel free to post on whatever questions/quotes you like from the selected reading. If you need help with a specific writing focus, tackle these:

"I fear I fall through the cracks because my story draws no attention. I lack intrigue, drama, and interest. Can he see ordinary, unspectacular me?" pg.18

"While I thought I was searching for him, he graciously, miraculously, and intentionally found me." pg. 22

What does life look like for you when you are being driven by fear? What is your "sometimes truth" that challenges Love's lead in your life? pg.20/23

if you are into buttons, grab one for your sidebar


p.s. super huge thank you to nicole of the style hatch for making our same page graphics!


  1. What a great idea! I'm excited about this book club/group. I've got my copy on reserve!

  2. This is fantastic and such a powerful way to inspire and connect. Love!

  3. comment test :)
    wish i had the space for this in my life right now -- love the idea!!

    1. @marisa - thanks girl! what browser do you have? computer or mobile device? i have to go in such a round-a-bout way to be able to comment. wondering how you did it??

      and if this books goes well and its not too hard for me and rach to keep up with, we'll hopefull do another book or something after too. so maybe next go around?

    2. safari browser on my computer.
      yes! hopefully :)

  4. Love this idea and I will definitely be linking up next week. I've been looking for a book like this...prayer answered! I just ordered my copy of the book :)


  5. I just ordered my book on amazon! So excited to join along -- thanks so much for hosting!

  6. Oh yea-I already posted some thought son the first few chapters...and it's taking me forever to read. Not because it isn't great (it is)-perhaps this will give me a good kick in the butt. :-)

    1. i hope you'll come link that post up. look forward to what youthink about the book. xo

  7. Love this! I so need the accountability and have been wanting to read this book... starting tomorrow!

    1. me too girl. me too.

      i made it a new years resolution once to finish all the books i had started... didn't stick. not even close.


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