a bug, guilt, and shame

a bug of the throw up variety has taken residence in our house. pic above is me trying to read while patient number 1 attempts milk for the first time in too long and patient number two is trying to recuperate after a nasty-no-fun night. {and yes, i was under lining with crayon} soooo... just a quick hello & quote for this week's #thesamepage link up. 
"Guilt says I did wrong.
Shame says I am wrong.
Guilt deals with behavior.
Shame deals with identity.
Guilt leads to repentance.
Shame leads to hiding...

Guilt is a good thing, a God-reminder when things aren't right and an opportunity to change them.  Shame is what happens when we let guilt fester and sink deeper and don't deal with it.  Shame seeps into our skin when we aren't looking and takes our spirit hostage.  And then she sits down heavy and masks herself as us to se cant tell the difference between the two."   -- emily p. freeman, pg.117


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