An Ode to College

In yesterday's post I brought up "college me" -- a girl who wanted to be a big fish in a little pond in desperate need of an attitude and perspective adjustment.  Today, I give you permission to giggle at college me...

Yes.  Laugh.  If you aren't currently laughing, I know you are trying to hold it in.  That picture on the left -- hilarious.  What's more hilarious is that is the picture that I posted all around campus on my student council campaign posters (i won).  The picture on the right -- senior year, my townhouse roommates.  I have a comb-over and a piece of leather tied around my neck.  American Eagle jeans an da (borrowed) pop-collard Lacoste polo.  Cool.

Some more random pictures from the 4 years that were college.  

College me was in a sorority (adpi).  I took 4 years of ROTC and was sure to wear matching accessories and lipgloss to field events.  One fall, I had a pet pumpkin named squatty.  I carried him around some and eventually left him to rot in my neighbors dorm room.  I went to Viet Nam with the history department and used my souvenirs as a Halloween costume.  I worked at a summer camp and met a really cute boy.  

A random smattering of photo history and information, but all a part of my story.  Do you feel like you know me better now, or have I left you more confused?

How is it that I felt so old and mature then?  

Dear College.  You changed my life.  Love, Blair.  

edit to add:  I just remembered that college Blair had a blog!! hilarious and random.  here's the link: 
Peanut Butter, Balloons, Monkies, and Snails (yes that is what its name was.  also, please note the URL when you get there.)


  1. Dear College Blair,
    You're still my friend :)

    Love you!

    1. dear john comma enter indent
      remember when you and kara posted on every single facebook picture period you told me i smelled like Tex period enter
      sincerely coma enter

      xoxoxo love you

  2. I am in LOVE with college Blair! Hilarious and fun and full of life! Kind of makes me wish I knew you back then, too. For the record, knowing you now is equally as awesome.

  3. Don't you just adore looking back at old pictures...I have been looking back on my college years lately, too, and oh how that changed me, as well! :) Plus, you haven't aged a day, just keep getting more fabulous! <3

    1. you're kind.. i think i look so much older. not complaining. but i'm for sure not 20 anymore...

  4. Aw, some are pretty funny haha. It's great that out styles change differently with age.

  5. So fun! I always enjoy hearing growing and learning stories, so thanks for sharing :)
    xoxo J

  6. haha love the college blog name :)

  7. I am intrigued. 4 years of ROTC? Would have never guessed. Loving the popped collar - ha! You seem such girlier now!

    1. hahaha. well i just took it as a class. they didn't pay for my school or anything. we watched a bunch of war movies and there was a cappuccino machine in their


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