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If you missed my first post #influenceconf post, you can find it HERE -- "My full cup -or- Why being an extrovert doesn't matter."  I don't have much more words to share (yet) other than, God willing, you'll find me there again next year!!  And you know when you leave college for the summer and keep "seeing" your college people back at home but it's not really them, you just longingly think you see them?  Yea.. that keeps happening.  #mirages #missyall #ihaveahashtagproblem  anywhoo... I do want to share some favorite quotes from the sessions:

"an artist is someone who is brave enough to move toward what makes her come alive." -Emily Freeman

"Art can be any work done in the present moment with willing hand, a whole heart, and a steadfast belief." - that cute emily freeman girl again

"Creativity was not an afterthought - it was the beginning!" -Emily again

"Brave yes vs. strong no" -Anne Bogel

"Just because i can do it all (through Him), doesn't mean I have to do it all." -Sarah Matheny

"when your child disobeys teach them to grieve the heart of God, not point them to an idol - your approval" - Jami Nato

"the things you chase will trap you & make you a slave" -Jami
(check out Jami's video on this post. *grab tissue first)

"When we minister out of ourselves we will bleed out.  the problem is? our blood is no good." - Jessi Conolly

"what i put on my blog is a love letter to my kids" - Casey Wiegand

...and... i totally failed at taking "real" pictures with my "big girl camera," but here are a few more outfit pics from the weekend.  thanks @raechelmyers for snapping them!

Friday Outfit: scarf- fashionABLE // chambray- old navy (similar) // military jacket- conversation pieces (similar) // black skinnies- denimocracy (similar) // shoes c/o heels.com (steve madden)
Saturday Outfit: light wash denim shirt - OASAP (similar) // t- old navy // maxi skirt c/o Conversation Pieces // flats- myhotshoes.com (similar) // necklace- karen london
linking up with @pleatedpoppy wiww

spreading the love & giving away some of my conference swag (+ a random necklace from OASAP)
if you want this fun bundle of joy in your mailbox just hollar in the comments or RT me on twitter! Will randomly draw tonight.

sweet influence friends -- link up your post conf posts! can't wait to read them cause i just miss your pretty sweet selfs!! also make sure to go to the theinfluencenetwork.com so we can all stay connected 'till next year!


  1. Well, now I just want to hang out with all these fabulous ladies!

  2. I just freaking love you.

    A lotsies.

  3. I love both of your outfits! The first one has a dash of unexpected with the necklace and shoe, and the second one just looks so soft and comfy. :)

  4. :) Looks like an amazing conference!

    oh-I keep meaning to tell you that I love the pixie cut on you! :)

  5. love both looks especially that orange necklace :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  6. Love reading about your experience at Influence! Wish I could have been there! Thanks for sharing the swag.

  7. What a great roundup of quotes! I missed a few of those, so thank you!! ~Bri~

  8. what a fun experience!! love hearing about it

  9. Looks like an awesome conference!

  10. cute hair and cute outfit! I think I need to go to this conference next year- everyone has such good things to say!


  11. I so enjoyed meeting you, Blair! You are so sweet and encouraging!

  12. I adore every inch of you!!! I'll gladly share a bed with you ANYTIME!

  13. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog-you just made my evening! :) Wish we could have had a chance to meet ... hopefully next year! I love that your daughter's name is Magnolia! I came up with that name for my blog because of the magnolia tree and my love for the south, especially Nashville. I grew up visiting Nashville two or three times a year and it's still one of my very favorite places to be.

  14. I just love you! and your blog. It was so great to meet you. You're precious and beautiful and I LOVE your haircut. Great to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you more via our blogs! xo, cat (www.catdmoore.com)

  15. I failed at the big girl camera thing, and I'm also obsessed with hashtags. So yeah. we should be online friends. (oh and there's the whole, I love your heart and your style thing, so maybe we should be real friends.) so great to meet you!

  16. i love your instagram pictures and all those quotes. & i love you! your outfits from the weekend were super cute. also: where did you get that orange necklace from your friday outfit?

  17. You are too cute, and I'm loving your Instagram pics! Love all the sharing too...you are the best! :)


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