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What Nightmares are made of:

What am I afraid of?  What are my fears?  I don't have much I guess... I'm not afraid of heights or spiders or even death.  But there are a few things that give me shivers.  I'll admit, they are a little odd.  Take a look...

Ahhhh!!  I'm so sorry if I made any of you feel faint with that picture.  It's hard for me to look at.  My fears (in order):
  1. Giant Fish 
  2. Kid-ults 
  3. Clydesdale horses

Yup.  Thats a fearsome group right?  Seriously, big fish make me want to barf my insides out.  I'm not talking about sharks -- I would much rather swim into the face of a shark than a giant catfish.  Yuck yuck a million times yuck why can't they all just be Nemo?  Hands down, giant fish are my biggest fear.  If you have heard of noodling (fishing for catfish by putting you hand underwater in a big whole and letting the fish swallow your hand -- that is the stuff nightmares are made off).

Not near as scary as giant fish but still make me cover my eyes are little kids dressed like adults - kidults.  The especially scary form of kidults are the miniature hipsters.  I can't describe to you why, they just scare me.  

Last on the list of my fears is the clydesdale.  I've never even seen one in real life, but just hearing about them makes me nervous.  I'm not afraid of horses, but these guys are so big and so majestic they don't sound real.  This fear is more of a "have such a healthy respect for you and your size and power that it makes me uber nervous to be near you."

Yup.  Those are my [irrational] fears.  

What are YOU afraid of?


  1. I totally get the big fish one! Yikes...I don't even like to be in water where I can't see what's around me. Just the thought of being inches away from some strange fish creeps me out.

    I'm scared of a lot of things, but most of them are pretty standard. Jumping/falling from high places (I don't mind being high up, but I want to stay on my feet), spiders, that kind of thing. Zombies are my most irrational fear. I KNOW they aren't real, but seeing them on tv and movies makes me shiver.

  2. I'm afraid of balloons. Because I just know one will pop and when that happens it startles me so much I cry.

  3. I'm scared of water I can't see through. Lakes, oceans...yikes! It's the fear of the unknown I think. But NO THANK YOU! And now I'm scared of children dressed like adults, thank-you-very-much.

  4. OSTRICHES. I just know they'll peck my eyes out.

  5. I absolutely love this...I might do a post like this in the future..all the credit going back to you with the idea!

    But, I am with you on the whole fish thing. When I was in high school, i would go Lake Dale Hollow with my youth group. And we would of course go tubing...then one day the crazy boat driver told me after he tossed me off the tube (and I was just floating in the water) that there were catfish the size of VW beatles in that lake! WHAT THE WHAT!

    happy tuesday.

  6. Sharks. I hate them. My dad had them and they freaked me out. That and ice burgs. If you blogged about them I would leave.

  7. ah! your description of noodling just gave me the heebie jeebies!!! yuck!
    I have a weird fear of falling but not heights just the actual falling part and I can't stand the thought of bed bugs.

  8. haha! I LOVE this! Kid-ults get me too. And I hate moths. I'd rather have a spider in my house than a moth!! Let's get coffee soon. Are you free next week?

  9. Yuck! That fish freaks me out too! Makes you think twice about wanting to swim in fresh water lakes again. I totally understand that one. :)

  10. I've been having huge issues with seeing those kids dressed like adults. Its too much for me. Kids need to be kids! And we wonder why they're so desperate to dress like us at young ages.

  11. I totally agree with the kidults one! It just makes me so sad to think that these kids have basically missed the best years of their lives. Any by that I mean the ugly clothes, the bowl cuts, and the scraped up knees that are the tell tale signs of a good time in my perspective. Ugh... *cringe*

  12. you are hilarious!! never heard of the term kidults... but i am afraid, very afraid, LOL!

  13. Kid0ults just make me sad. The fish freaks me out, I think being attacked by lots of tiny fish freaks me out more.

  14. Haha. Hilarious! Mine are water towers, not because I fear they are going to break and gush water, but just because I don't like them looming there in the air... I also hate polyester. I don't know if it's a fear, but it gives me the creeps and I freak out if I touch it.. which means like 80% of the trends from the past year have been off limits to me.


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