Miscellany Monday

{ONE} ready, aim...

over new years eve weekend the mcleod boys went out with some guns and shot clay and did manly things or something like that...  i did take a turn and shot about 4/25 and I think that is AWESOME! (and before you send me an email in worried shock -- No.  Magnolia was never out with the guns.  She was up in the house)

{two} special sauce

I kinda felt like a genius chef when i came up with the perfect "special sauce" for my turkey lettuce wraps... packet of chic fil a sauce mixed with a couple spoons of light sour cream. oh my scrumptious.

{three}pie in the face

Did I mention that i'm a youth leader?... pies in the face (and on your head) are just happy consequences...

{four} double function assumption

In college we had something called the double function assumption -- if you were seen out twice with the same boy... it pretty much meant you were a couple.  Now, I'm not assuming anything, but M has been on a date (chaperoned of course) with the same cute little red head twice this month...

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  1. Oh my! How amazing. I need to have this much fun soon.

  2. So nice to see life looking happy for you!

  3. So nice to see life looking happy for you!

  4. oh the cheeks! love the pictures :)

    and you've been tagged on my blog! thanks for being such an awesome and sweet friend. <3

  5. What ADORABLE pictures, and how cute is that little owl hat on Miss. Magnolia! <3 LOVE all the fun you have...good aim too! :)

    Liesl :)

  6. umm your special sauce?! sounds amazing.

  7. This is so wonderful. You are by far the most fun youth leader I've come across! Ohh M...how cute!

  8. Wild and precious? Wild and CRAZY is more like it! : )


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