"you either have an iphone.... or you don't have an iphone"

Well, it looks like it is happening sooner than later... We are getting iPhones.. ordering them today! (Long story, but we'll be sneaking out of our sprint contract a few days early and switching to at&t)


I need your advice!  I really know nothing about iphones.  What apps should I get?  I'm especially interested in whatever the cool photo apps are that make polaroids and other cool effects.  Games? What should I get (or should I avoid them)?  Angry birds?  What is best for twitter, reading blogs, facebook, etc.?  I think I'm getting the new white one... what kind of case should I get (don't want it scratched in my purse & want it to withstand a few drops) and where should i get it?  Any good tips for learning how to use it?  I still remember when we got our ibook... i hated it at first because it was so different.  I've never had a smart phone, but with baby Magnolia on the way, we thought it was time... Help me! :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. i dont have an iphone (hope to once i get married to my man with ATT - i'm a sprint girl, right now) but i have an itouch and obsessed with Angry Birds! i use echofone for twitter but lately its been freezing up so that might not be your best choice, but i think its better than the twitter app.

    good luck on your app hunt!!! :)

  2. There is am app called baby minder orsomething similar that keeps track of feedingp, diapers, medicine, sleep, doctor visits. Worth it, and most tversions are free.

  3. Haha, this is such a sweet picture!!

  4. come to my office and you can play with mine and see which ones you like. I have all the photo ones and have tried just about every twitter app. You'll love it!

  5. I love photo apps! My favorites are Camera Bag and Picture Show b/c they let you edit pictures that you've already taken. Also there is an 8mm app that takes AMAZING vintage videos. You're going to love your phone so much.

    You should also get the Yelp app. It is beyond helpful in finding a restaurant close to wherever you are.

    As far as games, I'm addicted to playing Words with Friends.

  6. Oh fun! My hubs is hard core Iphone as we got them last year.

    Picture apps: Instagram (it's the one you see ALL over the blogosphere) Hipstamatic, Vignettr, and my personal fav the Photobucket app...Iphone photos right to your Photobucket account! EASY.

    Games? I'm not into too much, but Words with Friends if where you can play Scrabble with other people.

    Recipe apps I LOVE!!! Whole Foods, AllRecipes, and Martha Stewart Food...all of them have great recipes and you can "add it to your list" then when I go to the store I just pull up my grocery list. Oh and Urban Spoon too!

    What else? Oh "Shazam" is when you hear a song and don't know what it is, open up the app and it listens and finds the song name/artist for you...really handy.

    "Google Places" (what is there for food where I am? etc)

    Ok, I'm stopping - those are my favs. All of them are free :) I can't believe I just wrote this...my husband would be so proud.

  7. yay! i just got my iphone earlier this year, and was so excited too!

    i really like the camera apps. my current favorites are cross process, instagram, picture show, hipstamatic, and pocketbooth. diptic is really cool for combining photos, and labelbox is a cute way to add text to your photos.

    fat booth is good for some serious laughs, and i really like playing words with friends too.

    you will LOVE your iphone :)

  8. YAY! What's funny is that I was just on my Sprint account online today and was thinking, "MAN, I gotta leave this place!" I'm so ready for a new company. Ha. I'm hoping to switch over soon too, but please keep us newbies updated on the switching of companies! Also, my BF has an Iphone 4 and it's awesome. Sometimes I'll steal his phone and play Ninja Fruit or Fruit Ninja. It's super addictive! Best of luck to your and your new phone!

  9. I like Echofon for twitter the best too! I prefer using that app than using Twitter on an actual computer! :) I like Foursquare, Get Flue, TMZ, dragon dictation, hey tell, groupon, chicktionary

  10. I like Hootsuite for Twitter. And I love MealBoard for meal planning and groceries. I use google reader on my phone for blogs. And as far as a case...I tweeted this to you...but check out these, http://www.etsy.com/shop/pencilshavingspaper
    I am dying for one.

  11. didnt read the other comments so if I repeat a suggestion apologies :)
    Hipstamatic! and talking tom (makes me laugh)
    Amazon, best for random hours shopping! Twitter too of course, Viber to talk between iphones for free, and WhatsApp to chat with friends (Blackberry users as well)!

  12. Oh you'll love iPhone! :D
    I would suggest instagram for photos, Jojo's Fashion Show and Angry Birds for Games, and Chictopia has iPhone apps too if you're a member or love fashion.

    Oh and Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Facebook are probably the best original ones ;)

    Hope that helps!


  13. Yayyy enjoy!! Just so you know, everyone talks about getting Shazam (for when you want to find out what song is playing)...but the free version only let's you do so many per month. If you get SoundHound...it's completely free and you can do as many as you want!

  14. I just got my iPhone from Verizon in Feb and LOVE IT! I have Instagram (great photo app) all my apps I have are the free ones. Of COURSE Words w/friends..the best game ever. FB, Twitter, Grocery IQ (stores your grocery list) RMaker (makes your songs into ringtones. Around me, Epicurious, SoundHound, Bump, Urbanspoon, Trip It, My Calendar (a great monthly tracker of your period) Webmd, Bump, Bible. Ok, I'll stop there and read everyone elses in case there's a new app I want.
    Oh and my case is by Speck. It's a snap on case w/a fabric backing. Very slim. I don't like the nasty bulky cases.

    You'll love it. It's so easy to use and its the best.
    I know we don't know each other, but if you get Words and want to play... Em3081 is my username =D

  15. We went from lame old phones to iPhones too! It was beyond thrilling! I know consider myself and iSnob! Terrible, but once you have one, you wonder how you ever lived without one! Enjoy! The nice thing about the apps is that you can surf the free ones and just ditch them if you don't like them.

    Instagram is wonderful.


  16. so fun. i have a 1st gen and am debating an upgrade.

    i mostly use hipstamatic & shake it (polaroid).

    isaiah's really into this animal memory card game. he also enjoys the standard calculator and camera app too, and the ipod.. which should give you a clue as to how intuitive it is to use! you'll love it.

  17. The iphone is awesome!

    Be careful, though, because I just got an iphone 4 a few weeks ago as a birthday present and someone stole it! Watch where you put it/where you are when you're talking on it out in public!

    I love the Etsy app and "words with friends" is a fun game! :)

    Good luck!

  18. Welcome to the iphone club! I love mine. Sometimes I wonder what in the world I ever did without it. Some great photo apps...Hipstamatic, Diptic, Instagram, ClearCam.
    One of the things I like most about the phone is the fact that I can purchase shows or rent movies for my kids to watch on trips. We download a couple of shows, wedge the iphone in the headrest and the boys are entertained!

  19. congrats! I love my iphone and one of my favorite apps is shazam (to tag musics wherever you are). I have a battery case that protects it well - and makes its life double. hope you enjoy it :)lovely weekend to you!

    ps. you won the giveaway for a header design. did you get my email?

  20. the first thing i recommend is getting a GOOD cover for it, one that puts at least a few milimeters between the screen and the ground... because the truth is at SOME point it will be dropped and not having it land directly on the screen will save its life!

    apps... fighter verse is a john piper recommended app for Scripture memory that I have and sometimes use... it's WAY awesome and free :)....dropbox to connect everything so you can check it from your phone... nike + ipod for running!.... esv bible (free)... a good flashlight and the iHandy level (i never have to grab a level anymore when hanging frames and such!)

    those are just the ones other than the obvious social networking that i can't live without! and if you ever find yourself doing anything musical, i can't get over my metronome and tuner. :) :) :)

  21. Oh, lucky girl. I miss my iphone. We are only a family plan and the boys wanted Droids.. hate hate that thing. The iphones are just so easy to use. xo

  22. Yay! I don't have one but am getting one very soon. These are the necessities I have on my iPod, or ones I know I want on my iPhone.

    Photo apps: Instagram & Photoshop also has one, & Labelblx, all free.

    Games: Words with Friends (& play with me!), iSlash, Traffic Rush.

    Other Apps: Twitter for iPhone, Balance (my checkbook has balanced every single time since I got this), & Jesus Calling is my favorite devotional & is an app. I have my blogs all on Google Reader. No app for that that I've found, but when you go to it online & save to home page, it's pretty easy to use on an iPhone.

    Cases: otter box commuter series, amazon.

  23. instagram, echofon for twitter, words with friends, facebook app, and apparently today pineterest came out with an app!

  24. i dont have an iphone but the reason i want one is for instagram, LOVE the pictures from that app!!

  25. wish i could help, but I haven't made the smart phone plunge yet! I do have an ipod touch, and I love my mint.com app for keeping up with my budget. Words with Friends is also fun...for like a week.


  26. hi my name is erika and i'm addicted to my iphone.

    my apps of choice:
    hipstamatic b/c it makes the cool prints feel like a hipster
    timelapse. OK this is SO cool. it takes a bunch of photos and then stitches it into a video... pure awesomeness
    shazam: hear a song on the radio and then shazam tells you what it is!!
    yelp, craigsphone, redbox, target are all just necessities ;)


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